Absolutely not to be missed! ! ! Three must-see special programs will be broadcast!

The first movie version of the popular different world fantasy "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" (commonly known as "Tensura"), which has sold over 30 million copies in total, is finally released. Complete. It will be released on Friday, November 25th.The <movie version>, a completely original story written by the original creator, Fuse, is the story of the "bonds" of the main character, Rimuru, who has been reincarnated as a slime from a human and confronts a conspiracy for the sake of his friends. While maintaining the world view of the unique characters unique to "Tousura", it has evolved into a <theater version> that should be seen on the movie theater screen, such as magnificent images and powerful battle scenes.It has also been decided that it will be released in 12 countries and regions around the world. The first 6 minutes and 30 seconds that will be released this time are the precious scenes of Heero's fateful encounter with Towa, and the naming scene where he is called "Heero" for the first time. In addition, a collaboration special program of the popular program "The world is visible! TV Special Investigation Department" and "Theatrical Version Tensura", which is being broadcast on Nippon TV stations, has also been realized! Riko Fukumoto , who plays Towa, and Tom Brown, who plays a miner in Raja Small Country, will appear, and introduce the charm of "Theatrical Version Tensura" along with scenes that are like otherworldly fantasy found in various parts of the world!In addition, a special program will be broadcast by the entertainer Magical Lovely , who won the M-1 Grand Prix in 2019 and is a big fan of “Tensura”! In preparation for the release of "Theatrical Version Tensura", the two Madirab will explain the charm of "Tensura" in an easy-to-understand manner for beginners.
November 18,2022

The KV and main PV of the TV anime "Monogatari" has been released, with comments from the theme song singers "ARCANA PROJECT" and "TRUE"

The TV anime "Monogatari" will start broadcasting on January 9, 2023. Prior to the broadcast, the key visual and main PV were released on November 17th, and the official website was opened.In addition, it has been decided that ARCANA PROJECT will be in charge of the opening theme and TRUE will be in charge of the ending theme. Comments have been received from each artist."Monogatari" is a manga based on Onigunso's original serialization in Shueisha's Ultra Jump. The comic has been released up to 14 volumes.The main character, Kiheuma, is the next head of the Ki family, one of the three clan families, who interacts with the "Tsukumogami" whose heart is contained in the utensils and returns them to the eternal world. On the other hand, Botan Nagatsuki is the head of the Nagatsuki family who lives with six tsukumogami as a family. Hyoma, who is trapped in the past and hates Tsukumogami, decides to live with the Nagatsuki family according to his grandfather, Zohei... The released key visual depicts the 8 main characters, centered on Terracotta Warriors and Botan.In the main PV, Tsukumogami, who appears in the original work, appears in addition to the main characters. The opening theme that flows in the video is "Koigoromo" sung by ARCANA PROJECT. ARCANA PROJECT is happy to be in charge of the opening theme, and commented, "I hope to make a wonderful work more exciting with 'Koi'."In addition, the main PV uses the ballad song "rebind" by TRUE as the ending theme. TRUE not only sings but also writes lyrics under the name of Miho Karasawa. "I put the life of a married couple into the song along with the idea of a wedding furniture that 'watches over' a peony," he says.The TV anime "Monogatari" will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS11 and others from 24:00 on January 9, 2023. 
November 18,2022

A film adaptation of the Tajima Islands manga "Mizu wa Umi ni Mata Nagaru" starring Suzu Hirose. Directed by Tetsu Maeda

The movie "Water flows toward the sea" starring Suzu Hirose will be released in June 2023. A teaser visual and super special video have been released.Based on the manga of the same name by the Tajima Islands, "Water flows toward the sea" is about Naotatsu, who ends up staying at his uncle's house to commute to high school. A fortune-teller dressed as a woman, a university professor wandering abroad, and a 26-year-old office worker, Chisa Sakaki.Suzu Hirose will play Chisa Sakaki, who declares that she will not fall in love. Directed by Tetsu Maeda of "And then the baton was passed" and "Banana at such a late hour? My beloved true story". The screenplay is Satomi Oshima, and the music is Takeshi Haketa.The super special video is a clip of one of the important scenes, ``An unexpected encounter on a rainy day''.[Comment from Suzu Hirose]When I heard about it, my honest impression was, "Why me?"It's the first time I've ever played a role that's so cool and hard to grasp emotions, but it's also a role I'd like to try someday. It was a lot of fun to actually participate in the shooting.I myself am the type to endure, so there were many parts that I could understand her feelings.Mr. Sakaki, who is older than me, is someone who doesn't expect too much from others, has faith in himself, and is very kind.I cherish how she changes when she meets someone she wants to trust and changes like a tightly tied thread unraveling.I thought I liked the feeling of emotions in the work flowing like waves and becoming quiet.It is a gentle work that delicately depicts the important part of how to deal with people.I believe that each person who sees it has something to feel.[Comment from director Tetsu Maeda]How can we express the unique rhythm, humor and characters of Tajima Islands' original work as a movie?The anxiety and pressure turned into hope and excitement when Suzu Hirose played the main character, Chisa Sakaki.It was because I had a certain conviction that I would be able to see Suzu Hirose in a way that I had never seen before.At the shooting site, Suzu-san's expression, which exceeded expectations rather than expected, was delicate and bold.Just as the dammed flow of a river is gradually unleashed and the water flows toward the sea, her sealed heart is released through interactions with others who stand by her side. Ikusama believes that everyone can feel it as their own story.Please look forward to the follow-up report.[Comments from the Tajima Islands]When I heard abo
November 18,2022

Gamera is back. "GAMERA -Rebirth-" will be produced and distributed worldwide on Netflix

The production of "GAMERA -Rebirth-", the new game in the "GAMERA" series, has been decided. Distributed worldwide on Netflix.Along with the production announcement, two types of teaser visuals and a promotional video were released.What is Gamera? A giant monster modeled after a turtleA monster that appears in Daiei (now KADOKAWA)'s 1965 special effects movie "Gamera the Giant Monster," which fights to protect the earth and the people who live there. It can turn into a disk and fly.After "Gamera the Giant Monster", the "Showa Gamera" series of 8 works was produced until "Space Monster Gamera" in 1980, "Gamera Giant Monster Aerial Decisive Battle" (1995), "Gamera 2 Legion Invasion" ( 1996) and "Gamera 3 Evil God Awakening" (1999) "Heisei Trilogy" also gained popularity.Director Shusuke Kaneko of "Heisei Trilogy" also supportsDirector Shusuke Kaneko, who worked on "Heisei Trilogy", commented on the production announcement.When I came up with my own idea for Reiwa Gamera and made a proposal, KADOKAWA has already started a new project, and it's content that makes me think that's what happened, so I can expect this too. With that in mind, I would like to support the team from the standpoint of a baseball commentator who has experience coaching the Gamera team until they win the championship and pitch again.Figure display & distribution of "Gamera newspaper" at "TAMASHII NATION"From November 18th to 20th, figures will be exhibited at the event "TAMASHII NATION" held at Belle Salle Akihabara 1F, 2F, B1 Event Hall. On the day of the event, the "Gamera Newspaper" will be distributed at the venue as an extra.
November 18,2022

"Suzume no Toshimari" surpassed 1.8 billion yen in box office revenue in the first three days of its release. No. 1 hit start in the history of Makoto Shinkai's work

Director Makoto Shinkai's latest work "Suzume no Tojimemari" has announced its box office results for the first three days of its release.The work, which was released on November 11, is an adventure story about the liberation and growth of Suzume, a girl who travels to close the "doors" that cause disasters, set in ruins all over Japan. Harananohana plays the role of Reme Iwato, a 17-year-old high school girl who lives in Kyushu. RADWIMPS, who formed a tag with , worked with Kazuma Jinnouchi. Jumei sings the theme song "Suzume".No. 1 rocket start in the history of Makoto Shinkai's workThe box office results from November 11th to 13th at 420 theaters nationwide including 41 IMAX theaters are as follows.November 11 Attendance: 339,417 Box office revenue: 478,834,600 yenNovember 12 Attendance: 467,788 Box office revenue: 665,599,800 yenNovember 13 Attendance: 514,843 Box office revenue: 720,347,920 yen Total: 1,331,081 people 1,884,215,620 yenReleased in 2016, box office revenue 25.03 billion yen in 3 days Audience mobilization 138.7% compared to "Your Name", box office revenue 147.4%, released in 2019, box office revenue 14.19 billion yen Compared to "Weathering with You", audience mobilization Recorded 114.9% and 114.7% box office revenue. It was the No. 1 rocket start in the history of Makoto Shinkai's work. According to the questionnaire, the satisfaction level of the movie is 94.5%.In addition, it has been decided that the film will be distributed in 199 countries and regions around the world, which is the largest number in Makoto Shinkai's history.
November 15,2022