Pokemon World Champion Satoshi\

Satoshi (10), the main character of the popular anime "Pocket Monsters" (official abbreviation: Anipoke TV Tokyo series, every Friday after 6:55), became the world's strongest trainer in Pokémon battles, and a celebratory illustration was posted on the anime's official Twitter account. It was published.

This is the 132nd episode broadcast on the 11th, in which Satoshi defeated Dande, the undefeated absolute champion, in the finals of the "Pokemon World Championships", a tournament to determine the strongest Pokemon battle, and became the world champion. Through the anime series that started in 1997, Satoshi became the long-awaited world champion after 25 years.

On Twitter, Kasumi and Takeshi wrote, "So far, Satoshi has traveled to many places with many friends. Now that he has become the champion of the Pokémon World Championships, all his former friends who watched the battle congratulate him." Illustrations of Satoshi's friends such as Kenji, Haruka, Serena, Iris, Mao, Suiren, and Lillie have been released.