The movie "Water flows toward the sea" starring Suzu Hirose will be released in June 2023. A teaser visual and super special video have been released.

Based on the manga of the same name by the Tajima Islands, "Water flows toward the sea" is about Naotatsu, who ends up staying at his uncle's house to commute to high school. A fortune-teller dressed as a woman, a university professor wandering abroad, and a 26-year-old office worker, Chisa Sakaki.

Suzu Hirose will play Chisa Sakaki, who declares that she will not fall in love. Directed by Tetsu Maeda of "And then the baton was passed" and "Banana at such a late hour? My beloved true story". The screenplay is Satomi Oshima, and the music is Takeshi Haketa.

The super special video is a clip of one of the important scenes, ``An unexpected encounter on a rainy day''.

[Comment from Suzu Hirose]
When I heard about it, my honest impression was, "Why me?"
It's the first time I've ever played a role that's so cool and hard to grasp emotions, but it's also a role I'd like to try someday. It was a lot of fun to actually participate in the shooting.
I myself am the type to endure, so there were many parts that I could understand her feelings.
Mr. Sakaki, who is older than me, is someone who doesn't expect too much from others, has faith in himself, and is very kind.
I cherish how she changes when she meets someone she wants to trust and changes like a tightly tied thread unraveling.
I thought I liked the feeling of emotions in the work flowing like waves and becoming quiet.
It is a gentle work that delicately depicts the important part of how to deal with people.
I believe that each person who sees it has something to feel.

[Comment from director Tetsu Maeda]
How can we express the unique rhythm, humor and characters of Tajima Islands' original work as a movie?
The anxiety and pressure turned into hope and excitement when Suzu Hirose played the main character, Chisa Sakaki.
It was because I had a certain conviction that I would be able to see Suzu Hirose in a way that I had never seen before.
At the shooting site, Suzu-san's expression, which exceeded expectations rather than expected, was delicate and bold.
Just as the dammed flow of a river is gradually unleashed and the water flows toward the sea, her sealed heart is released through interactions with others who stand by her side. Ikusama believes that everyone can feel it as their own story.
Please look forward to the follow-up report.

[Comments from the Tajima Islands]
When I heard about the movie adaptation, I heard that Suzu Hirose was being offered the lead role. Or the actress Suzu Hirose who was loved in that film! ? I thought that I would like to watch it normally as a Japanese movie fan.
The resulting movie was...cute!
It is a movie where you can enjoy the colors, cats, boys and girls, the cuteness of the old men (including direct father), and the beauty of Suzu Hirose!
What left an impression on me was the last scene, which I didn't understand when I read the script.

A film adaptation of the Tajima Islands manga "Mizu wa Umi ni Mata Nagaru" starring Suzu Hirose. Directed by Tetsu Maeda