"Ark Knights [Reimei Prelude / PRELUDE TO DAWN]" Free broadcast of all 8 episodes of the anime, delivered on Nico Nico Live Broadcast from 16:50 on December 30 (Friday)

All 8 episodes of the anime "Arknights [Reimei Prelude / PRELUDE TO DAWN]" will be broadcast at 16:50 on December 30 (Friday) on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting.

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■ Title Arknights [Prelude to Dawn] (8 episodes)

■ Broadcast time
Friday, December 30, 16:50-

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In the land of Terra, natural disasters of unknown cause occur irregularly in various places.
Therefore, in order to escape from natural disasters, the majority of people
I came to live in a mobile city that was developed over many years.

A source stone with enormous energy left behind after a natural disaster,
While contributing to the dramatic progress of civilization, an incurable disease——
Causes ore disease.

People infected with ore disease gradually crystallize their bodies, and when they die, they become a new source of infection,
They are subject to persecution due to the establishment of segregation and forced labor systems in each country.

The infected who were oppressed rebelled,
The pharmaceutical company "Rhodes Island", which researches the cure for ore disease,
Take up arms and follow your own path to save all people from disease.