Senzoku, who fell from Enkugi along with Mashima, was flooded with comments of "I fell". "Lycoris Recoil" Episode 13 Comments Exciting scene TOP3

The 13th episode of "Lycoris Recoil" was screened on September 27, 2022 on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting.

"Lycorice Recoil" depicts the messy days of Takina Inoue, a girl who protects Japan's public order as a secret agent called "Lycorice", and Senzoku Nishiki, who is called the strongest "Lycorice" of all time. the work.

Here, we will extract the comment data of the 13th episode of "Lycoris Recoil" and introduce the top 3 scenes that were excited.


1st place: Senzoku falling from Enkugi

The most exciting scene was when Senzoku and Mashima were thrown into the air (around 111:10).

In order to put an end to the war with Majima, Senzoku confronted him at Enkugi. As a result, her heart is nearing the end of its life, and both of them fall into a situation where they both fall from the sky tree.

Meanwhile, Takina rushes in at the last minute and rescues Senzoku with a wire.

When Senzoku fell from the Enku tree, comments such as "Ah", "It fell", "Aaaaaaaaaa" were received.


2nd place: Mika who prevents Yoshimatsu's will from reaching Senzoku

The second most exciting scene was the scene where Mika rolls up Yoshimatsu's letter and puts it in her pocket (around 220:03).

Yoshimatsu plans to have Senzoku kill someone in exchange for his own life. However, he is secretly murdered by Mika, and the device to make Senzoku kill him is also broken.

After that, Mika hid the letter Yoshimatsu left behind so that it would not be seen by Senzoku.

The contents of the letter that Yoshimatsu left behind were met with reactions such as "Hi," "Scary," and "Heavy."


3rd place: Sakura showing a cheerful appearance after the incident

The third most exciting scene is the scene where Sakura is having fun watching a movie advertisement to hide information (around 312:49).

"Licoris" who have resumed their activities after finishing the incident at Enkugi. Meanwhile, Sakura was seriously injured in the incident, but she returned and showed a healthy appearance.

Sakura, who was walking around the city with Fuki, happened to find an advertisement to cover up the Enkugi incident. In contrast to Fuki, who calmly walks away, he was in high spirits when he saw the advertisement.

When Sakura showed a healthy appearance, comments such as "Cute", "He was alive", and "I'm alive!" were written.

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