"Uma Musume" new commercial series starts airing Spot on the mare in the famous race... The first one is Nishino Flower

A new CM series for the popular content "Uma Musume Pretty Derby (hereafter Uma Musume)" started on the 1st. Nishino Flower has appeared in the first installment.

So far, Uma Musume has aired CM series such as "Rivals" depicting rival horse musumes, and "GENERATIONS" with the theme of generations. The new commercial series "Queens" that will be broadcast this time is a spotlight on horse girls whose motif is a mare that ran a famous race.

In addition, each episode of this series consists of a front and back part, and a major feature is that it dramatically depicts the feelings, growth, and glory of the Uma Musume.

Nishino Flower appears in the first installment. In the first part, because he is still a child, he is sluggish, and he continues to work hard while chasing the backs of his senior horse girls. Nishino flower dreams of a stage that gives courage to someone after repeated special training. Where is the race headed by the determined Nishino Flower? In the CM, we will draw different Uma Musume episodes from the second one onwards.