There was a rush of comments   to Kaka hugging Sumire. "Love Live! Superstar!! TV Anime 2nd Season” Episode 9 Comments Exciting Scenes Top 3

"Love Live! Superstar!! TV Anime 2nd Season" Episode 9 screening was broadcast on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting on September 20, 2022.

"Love Live! Superstar!! TV Anime 2nd Season" depicts the new activities and challenges of the school idol group "Liella!" who welcomed new students.

Here, we will extract the comment data from the 9th episode screening of "Love Live! Superstar!! TV Anime Season 2" and introduce the top 3 exciting scenes.

1st place: You can hug Sumire

The most exciting scene was the scene where Kaka conveys her feelings to Sumire (around 121:11).

Kaka and Sumire's relationship gets strained over the circumstances surrounding their return to Japan. As a result, Sumire is hated and buys the role.

However, due to the concern of those around them, Kaka and Sumire came to know each other's feelings and hugged each other.


2nd place: Kaka and others who know that Vienna was at the coffee shop

The second most exciting scene is the scene in which Kaka cries out in surprise when she finds out about the store in Vienna (around 207:16).

While celebrating their advance to the Tokyo tournament at a coffee shop, Kaka and the others have mixed feelings after hearing about the trends of the other participants. Meanwhile, the party hears that Vienna has come to the same store.

Then, Ka-ka let out a voice of "Ge!" and distorted her face in surprise.


3rd place: Sister talking to Sumire during cleaning

The third most exciting scene was the scene where Sumire and her sister exchange conversations in the shrine precincts (around 317:02).

Sumire becomes depressed as her relationship with Kaka gets strained by playing the hated role. Meanwhile, she was cleaning the grounds of the shrine while whipping her depressed feelings.

Then, Sumire's younger sister ran up to her while raising her voice, "Onee-chan!"

When Sumire's younger sister ran up to her, she received reactions such as "Kawawa", "Cute", "Kyawatan! Kyawatan!".

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