'Conan' new movie hits series' highest box office revenue, totaling 9.48 billion yen as of yesterday's 30th

The latest box office revenue of the latest movie version of the popular anime "Detective Conan" released on April 15th, "Detective Conan Halloween Bride" was announced on October 31st, exceeding 9.48 billion yen. It surpassed the No. 1 hit in the series so far, "Konsei no Fist" (2019 / 9.37 billion yen), and became the highest revenue of the series.The movie's official Twitter account explained, "Theatrical version of 'Detective Conan: Halloween's Bride' has totaled 9.48 billion in box office revenue up until yesterday, making it the No. 1 hit in the history of the series." "I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has always supported me. Please continue to support the movie version of 'Detective Conan' in the future," he wrote.This work is currently being held for a limited time from October 28th to November 7th in connection with the title "Halloween". It was realized from the staff's desire to enjoy the work more on the same time axis, and it is screened in a special version that director Mitsunaka and the production team stuck to the details. And with the effect of the revival screening, the box office has achieved the record of the first place in the history of the movie "Conan" series.This movie is set in "Shibuya", which is crowded with people during the Halloween season. A story in which an incident occurs. The main character is Rei Furuya (National Police Agency Security Bureau Security Planning Division = Rei Furuya, Organization in Black = Bourbon, Detective = Toru Amuro's triple face), Furuya and Metropolitan Police Department Police Academy Onizuka class. Jinpei Matsuda, Kenji Hagiwara, Kagemitsu Morofushi, and Wataru Date, who have already died in the line of duty in past incidents, are in action, and the romance between Detective Takagi and Detective Sato is also depicted.
November 01,2022

"Detective Conan" Hulu's No. 1 anime category viewers in history Minami Takayama "Please continue to love me"

HJ Holdings, which operates the video distribution service "Hulu", which has been in service for 11 years, independently aggregated viewing data for the past 11 years on the 28th, and found that it has been viewed by the most users in the past 11 years. announced that "Detective Conan" won the first place (*) as an anime work. Minami Takayama, who has been the voice actress for Conan Edogawa, the main character since the start of the broadcast, has commented, "Eh! Amazing! Really?! I'm honestly happy." (* = Result of tallying the number of unique viewers for each work from September 1, 2011 to September 15, 2022)The anime "Detective Conan" is based on the manga by Gosho Aoyama , which has been serialized in "Weekly Shonen Sunday" (Shogakukan) since 1994. It has become a long-running program reaching its 1st year. "Detective Conan", which has been loved for many years, has set a new record on Hulu and further solidified its popularity. The most watched episode by users in Hulu is the first episode "Roller coaster murder case". This episode, which is the starting point, is a story about Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective who has solved many difficult cases, and is involved in a murder case on a roller coaster while on a date with his childhood friend Ran Mouri at an amusement park. In addition to full-fledged mystery elements, the novel setting that the main character Shinichi becomes a child = Edogawa Conan grabbed the user's heart and won the overwhelming first place among all episodes. . Also, throughout the series, the beginning of the fateful relationship with the "black organization" pursued by Shinichi is depicted, and it is an important episode that cannot be discussed without watching "Detective Conan".In addition, episodes 701 to 704 "Jet Black Express (Mystery Train)" ranked in the TOP 10. An episode condensing the charm of "Detective Conan" with popular characters such as Conan Edogawa, "Black Organization", Subaru Okiya (Shuichi Akai), Toru Amuro, Kaitou Kid. Conan and his friends get on the "Beltree Express," whose destination is unknown, and confront the mysterious incidents that occur there. The "Beltree Express", which is the stage of the story, is based on Agatha Christie 's mystery novel "Murder on the Orient Express", and the profound story is worth watching. Content with a high degree of satisfaction is supported.Similarly, episode 783 "The Scarlet Truth" ranked in the TOP10. It is the truth of the "scarlet" series that begins with ep
October 31,2022

Anime "艦隊これくしょん -艦これ Kantai Collection -Kan Colle" will be distributed on ABEMA and all episodes will be decided at once! The new work "Someday at that sea" will be delivered from November 3rd

ABEMA will start distributing the TV anime "Kantai Collection -Kan Colle-" from October 31st, and all episodes will be distributed free of charge on October 31st, the day of the distribution start date. In addition, it has been decided that the new TV anime "Kancolle Itsuka Ano Umi de" will be distributed free of charge every Thursday from 25:30 starting November 3rd."Kantai Collection KanColle" is a TV animation based on a popular simulation game that trains and fights a variety of "Kanmusume" who are personifications of real ships. A battle with a mysterious enemy "Abyssal Ship" that overruns the sea is depicted. In addition to the growth story of the "Kanmusume", this work has attracted attention from warship fans and military fans for its cute appearance, but also for its intense battle scenes and detailed setting that interweaves military history. It was made into a TV animation for the first time, and in 2016, it was made into a movie, making it a big hit. From November this year, the new TV anime series "KanColle Itsuka Ano Umi de" will be broadcast, and the long-awaited new animation for the first time in about seven years is showing further excitement.Every Monday, ABEMA receives new arrivals of popular anime works, and from October 31st, the TV anime "Kantai Collection -KanColle-" will be distributed. You can always enjoy the activities of the “Kanmusume” with ABEMA Premium.In addition, all episodes will be distributed free of charge from 12:00 noon on October 31st, the day of the distribution, and all episodes will be distributed free of charge for a limited time period from October 31st to November 6th.In addition, the new TV anime series "KanColle: Itsuka Ano Umi de" will be streamed for free every Thursday from November 3rd at 25:30 on "ABEMA Anime Channel". You can watch the latest episode for free for one week after delivery.
October 25,2022

``Kimetsu no Yaiba'' Mugen Train edition special broadcast PV release Rengoku's famous lines one after another ``Burn your heart''

The first episode of "TV animation" Kimetsu no Yaiba "Infinite Train Edition" of the anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba" will be released on December 10th at 6:30 pm, "Theatrical version" Kimetsu no Yaiba "Infinite Train Edition". A special broadcast PV has been released to commemorate the broadcast on Fuji TV from 7:00 pm on December 10th. You can listen to Rengoku's famous lines "Burn your heart" and "I will fulfill my duty!" in a powerful video.In the special broadcast, the first episode of "TV Anime `` Kimetsu no Yaiba '' Infinite Train Edition '' broadcast on October 10th last year, and the 400th episode, which was released on October 16, 2020, will be the No. 1 box office revenue in Japan. Broadcast "Theatrical version" Kimetsu no Yaiba "Infinite Train", which exceeded 100 million yen. In addition, there will be no broadcast of the next preview part of the first episode of the TV animation, and the movie version will be delivered completely uncut. Enbashira Rengoku Kyojuro, one of the strongest swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps, one of the "pillars", departs from the Demon Slayer Corps Headquarters and takes on a mission on the way to the "Infinite Train". From the prequel story I drew, the battle between Tanjiro and the others, Enmu, the strongest demon in the past, and Purgatory, and a higher-ranking demon that surpasses Enmu, the first string, Aquarius. You can fully enjoy the anime "Infinite Train Edition", including the fierce battle with Akaza.Furthermore, at the end of the broadcast, a PV will be broadcast that announces the latest information on the new series "Swordsmith's Village", which has been decided to be made into a TV animation. 
October 18,2022