Actress Lee Young-ae offered a warm helping hand to a 3-year-old Goryeoin family who lost her daughter in the Itaewon disaster.

On the 4th, the Korea Foundation for the Disabled announced that after the memorial service for the late Yuliana Park, who lost her life in an accident in Itaewon, was over, 10 million won in donations and a letter from Lee Young-ae were delivered to her father, Artur Park.

Lee Young-ae, donated money to family after Itaewon disaster

In the letter, Lee Young-ae introduced herself, saying, "I am the mother of twins, Lee Young-ae." After introducing herself, "How can I comfort Juliana's father's pain? "He said sadly.

Lee Young-ae said, "I'm also heartbroken and frustrated with sadness, so I can't control my body and mind." offered consolation

Lee Young-ae expressed her sadness, saying, "I bow my head in condolences to all the victims of the Halloween event in Itaewon, and as a citizen of the Republic of Korea who failed to protect their precious lives, I ask for forgiveness from the bottom of my heart."

Yuliana Park, 25, was a victim of the Itaewon disaster. After the news that her father, Arthur Park, was having difficulties because he could not afford the cost of transporting his daughter's body of $5,000 (approx. Through the Korea Welfare Foundation for the Disabled, Lee Young-ae said, "I want to support Juliana and her family, who are unable to return to their home country due to economic difficulties." He is currently serving as the advisory chair of the Korea Welfare Foundation for the Disabled in the field of culture and art.