It was announced on the 16th that the 9-member Korean girl group TWICE will participate in the "73rd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen" broadcast on New Year's Eve. Many reactions have been received on the Internet for the first time in three years.

 TWICE decided to participate in Kōhaku for the first time in 3 years TWICE's participation is the 70th time in 2019 and the 4th time. Mina was resting due to poor physical condition when she participated last time, and it will be the first time in four years that all nine members will perform together. In response to the decision to participate this time, the internet commented, "Congratulations on participating for the first time in 3 years!" ”, and many other voices of congratulations and expectations have been received.  From K-POP artists, 6-member girl group IVE and 5-member girl group LE SSERAFIM will also participate for the first time.

NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen will be held at NHK Hall for the first time in two years. It will be held on December 31st at NHK Hall with doors opening at 5:50pm, starting at 6:50pm, and finishing at 11:45pm. Broadcast from 7:20 pm to 11:45 pm (general, BS4K, BS8K, Radio 1 / 1st part 7:20 pm to 8:55 pm, 2nd part 9:00 to 11:45 * news from 8:55 to 9:00). It will be the first time in two years that the event will be held at NHK Hall.

The host will be Yo Oizumi for the third consecutive year, Kanna Hashimoto will be the host for the first time, Arashi has been the host for the White Group for five consecutive years since 2010, and Sho Sakurai (special navigator) will be the individual host for the third time. Maho Kuwako will be the announcer for the 4th time. (modelpress editorial department)