'Yonder' Shin Ha-kyun and Han Ji-min couple posters were released.

Teabing's original series 'Yonder' (directed by Lee Jun-ik, written by Kim Jeong-hoon, Oh Seung-hyun, original Kim Jang-hwan 'Goodbye, Yonder', provided by Teabing, produced by the film company Dudong, CJ ENM) will be released on October 14th, and Jaehyun (Shin Ha-kyun) will be released on the 28th. The character poster of and Hue (Han Ji-min) has been released. The affectionate and mysterious reunion of the two stimulates anticipation.


Teabing's original 'Yonder' couple poster

'Yonder' is the story of a man who receives a message from his deceased wife and is invited to an unknown space 'Yonder' where he can meet her. Through various groups facing the world 'Yonder' made of the memories of the dead, it raises fundamental questions about life, death, and eternal happiness. Not only is it the first human melodrama directed by Lee Jun-ik, who represents Korean cinema, but it is also attracting attention as an official invitation to the 27th Busan International Film Festival.

In the meantime, in the released character poster, the two-shot of Jaehyun and the following super close creates excitement. The deep and vague eyes harmonize with the dreamy atmosphere and catch the eye at once. In particular, two phrases, 'a man invited to the world of his dead wife', which refers to Jaehyun, and 'a woman who chooses the world after death', which refers to the future, draw attention. Jaehyun, who will start over at the end of the breakup, and the story after that is even more curious.

Above all, the meeting of Shin Ha-kyun and Han Ji-min makes the waiting even more exciting. Shin Ha-kyun takes on the role of 'Jae-hyeon', a science M journalist who lives an empty life after his wife's death. After receiving a mysterious e-mail from his dead wife, he experiences an unbelievable reunion and is confused about his existence. Han Ji-min takes on the role of Jae-hee's dead wife 'After'. She, who has been sentenced to death for cancer, plans for eternal happiness after death rather than for the few days left to live. He is the person who leads Jaehyun to an unfamiliar world called 'Yonder'. It is expected to see the passionate performances of the two actors as to how they will draw the big emotional lines of Jaehyun and the subsequent ones.

The production team of 'Yonder' said, "As 'Yonder' is a story after Jaehyung that starts from death, the actors' acting synergy and chemistry were particularly important. And I think Shin Ha-kyun and Han Ji-min were the perfect choice. Life and Death, Reality It will further increase the level of immersion by crossing over and ‘Yonder’.”

On the other hand, Teabing's original series 'Yonder' is the first joint investment between Teabing and Paramount+, and is expected to go global and create a K-content sensation. It will be released for the first time on TV on October 14th.