AKB48 SURREAL announces the true identity of the "Avatar" center "I\

The idol group AKB48 's XR World exclusive unit "AKB48 SURREAL" held their first real meeting on the 15th at the event space on the 5th floor of Tower Records Shibuya, Tokyo. The identity of SURRY, the mysterious center who has been active as an avatar, has been revealed to be AKB48 Team 8/Team B member Tokunaga Remi (16).

AKB48 SURREAL, whose formation was announced on September 28th, consists of YUI YUI ( Yui Oguri ), NARU (Narumi Kuranoo), MIU (Miu Shimoo), ERII (Eri Chiba), ZUCKY (Mizuki Yamauchi), Real and virtual mixed unit consisting of virtual member SURRY. We have been active as a unit dedicated to the virtual space "XR World", but this time we jumped out of the virtual world and held our first real meeting. 

At the event, before revealing the identity of the center, the results of a survey of 70 fans gathered at the venue were announced. 3rd place was Maho Omori (7 votes), 2nd place was Kisei Sato (17 votes), 1st place was Kankai Tokunaga (27 votes), and it was revealed that Yuki Kashiwagi also received 2 votes. Laughter ensued.

It was announced at the performance, and when the avatar SURRY started singing "Yume de Kiss me!" in the video, Tokunaga joined as a real member, as many fans expected. Tokunaga, who was linked to the video of SURRY, sang and danced in the middle of the applause and clapping.

Tokunaga introduced himself by saying, "In AKB48 SURREAL, I'm Kankai Tokunaga, also known as REMI, who plays the center SURRY." "I never thought that the day would come when I could join such an amazing group and become the center, so I'm full of anxiety, but I'm really happy," she said with a smile.

He said that he had been preparing since summer, and said, "I've been nervous because I wanted to say it to everyone, but I'm happy to finally be able to unveil it in front of everyone."

From now on, Tokunaga will act as REMI as SURRY in this project. AKB48 SURREAL's special live "Wagamama Metaverse" performance will be deluxe edition from tomorrow 16th, and REMI as SURRY will appear for the first time in a double encore.