Tomoaki Takahashi & Sumire Uesaka learn “popularity” from a psychological counselor. "Voice actor and night play"

On November 15th (Tuesday) from 10:00 pm to 11:30 pm, “Seiyu to Yoasobi Fire [ Tomoaki Takahashi x Sumire Uesaka ] #26” was broadcast on ABEMA’s “Anime LIVE Channel”.

In this broadcast, for Takahashi who is worried about love, "Emergency plan! Love psychological counseling!" Shigeyuki Fujimoto, a psychological counselor, was invited to check the love power of the two, and Takahashi's love consultation was carried out.

Tomoaki Takahashi asks a psychological counselor for love advice! ?

In the main broadcast, there will be a love psychology test to check if two people have the qualities of love, "Mr. Fujimoto's idea! Love power check!" ``Let's actually try! Diagnosis of popular woman's gestures!'' Previously, Takahashi declared on the program, "I'm going to get a boyfriend this year!" . For such Takahashi, psychological counselor Shigeyuki Fujimoto, who has been consulted by more than 5,000 people, will give advice on future love.

First of all, "Mr. Fujimoto's idea! Check your love power!" Questions such as "What are the behaviors of women who are popular at joint parties?"

In the following "Let's actually try it! Diagnosis of popular woman's gestures!" It's supposed to be a diagnosis, but it's just an ad lib skit, such as becoming an overly self-conscious flirty man who skips such lines. The studio burst into laughter at the men with strong habits, but even so, Fujimoto judged the gestures of the two. He taught me how to make a popular gesture, saying, “Waving your hand closer to your face makes you look cuter.” Advice was also sent to detailed actions such as how to hold a coffee cup. '' he listened intently.

After learning a lot about ``mote'', ``Frankly! I have a consultation. "When I said, 'You don't have a vehicle inspection fee, I'll pay for it,' they all said things like, 'Don't think you won.' I want to," says Takahashi, frankly revealing her past when she was harassed by a useless man. Uesaka was surprised by the number of episodes with the useless man that Takahashi told, saying, "It feels like it's difficult," and "The car inspection fee!?"

After that, Fujimoto introduces the type that suits Takahashi. "People who do their own work, such as managers, self-employed people, and freelancers," said, "I want to mount people who belong to an organization, are not confident in their work, or are not confident in their income. It's going to be." "I think a sincere, humble person who does his job properly would be a good match," he advised. Takahashi, who could see the direction, was enthusiastic about looking for a lover, saying, "Let's find someone who is doing my job! I think I can definitely do it!"

At the end of the program, it was announced that Hiroki Yasumoto and Sora Tokui will serve as MCs for the monthly figure show "Seiyuu to Figyuru", which will air on November 19th (Sat) at 10:00pm. Furthermore, it was also announced that Fairouz Ai will appear as a guest this time.