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While preparing for the movie 'Hero', actress Kim Go-eun talked about her classmates, Kim Seong-cheol and Lee Sang-i, who were the '10th graders of the Han Ye-jong School'.

On the afternoon of the 9th, Kim Go-eun told various stories about the movie 'Hero' (director Yoon Je-kyun), which is about to be released online.

'Hero', a film adaptation of the original musical 'Hero', is the story of Dr. Ahn Jung-geun, who killed Hirobumi Ito in Harbin in October 1909 and was sentenced to death by a Japanese court. A film depicting the last unforgettable year.

Kim Go-eun plays the role of Seol-hee, an informant in the independence army. Seol-hee, the last court lady of Joseon, secretly carries out her mission by approaching Ito Hirobumi while hiding her identity to avenge the country's enemies.

Kim Go-eun digests the Japanese line from the song. He went through a thorough preparation period by taking vocal lessons before filming, and shows acting that expresses both the song and the character's emotions at the same time.

Kim Go-eun "\

Kim Go-eun / Photo courtesy of CJ ENMOn this day, Kim Go-eun mentioned Lee Sang-yi with Kim Seong-cheol, a classmate of 'Han Ye-jong Class 10'. Kim Go-eun said, "Those two people bothered me the most. While preparing for 'Hero', I begged and cried to the two busy people, saying, 'I'll do it somehow, so please look at it.'" "he said.

He continued, "I dragged her to the practice room and sang in front of (Kim Seong-chul and Lee Sang) and cried because of frustration. I've been training singing since high school, so I did well back then. In a way, I think I did better than the two at the time. He said he was cheating," he added.

Kim Go-eun said, "When I saw (Kim Seong-cheol, Lee Sang-i) sing in front of me, I thought, 'What has happened?' I also heard such criticism. Suddenly, Kim Seong-cheol's words come to mind. He said, "I forgot how to vocalize. Please let me know." Then he said, "Don't think of it as a song, think of it as lines and express it through acting." Explained.

Also, "So he said, 'It's not that I don't know that.' He asked if I could express my emotions only if I could make sounds. I sat there and cried and said, 'What should I do?' I want to say thank you for borrowing it. I think it would have been difficult to overcome without the two of you. Thank you.

Meanwhile, the movie 'Hero' starring Kim Go-eun will be released on the 21st.