'T-ara complete' got together at a delay wedding.

On the 12th, T-ara's Eunjung Ham left a message saying, "As soon as I saw our faces, I got goosebumps, and then I couldn't stand it and cried. The youngest. So cute."


Next, Ham Eun-jung said, "We were teased for being cute, but we got scolded for holding back tears during the congratulatory speech. How many people can become a source of strength just by being there? We are so precious." Along with the text, a picture of the complete T-ara taken in the bridal waiting room was released.

In the photo, T-ara members are sitting around Jiyeon wearing a wedding dress and smiling brightly. It is impressive to see Ji-yeon burst into tears as if tension has been relieved by the appearance of T-ara members.

Meanwhile, Ji-yeon married baseball player Hwang Jae-gyun on the 10th.