NewJeans become a trend with their first TV appearance in Japan; announcer Asami Miura is also mesmerized by the Japanese greetings

New Jeans (from left) HYEIN, HAERIN, DANIELLE, HANNI, MINJI (C) 2022 ADOR. All Rights Reserved.

On the 28th, Korean rookie 5-member girl group NewJeans announced the Nippon Television music special program "Announcement! The song I listened to the most this year. This was the first time for NewJeans, who are making a big break in Korea, to appear on Japanese TV, and they were trending on Twitter.

NewJeans, which debuted in Korea in July, is a five-member group consisting of MINJI, HANNI, DANIELLE, HAERIN, and HYEIN, all in their teens. Min Hee Jin, who has many fans as a “K-POP concept craftsman”, will serve as general producer. The musicality and music videos that stir the fan's desire to think are gaining support and creating a big whirlwind. 

In the program, she sang her debut song "Attention" in full size. After the performance, MINJI said in Japanese, "It was the first year for us, and it was a year full of challenges and fun." As a team and as individuals, I want to grow, learn, and challenge various things." At the end, I bowed deeply, saying, "It was NewJeans. Thank you very much."

On the internet, "I'm happy to see Newzi-chan Minji and Haein's Japanese is too cute and it's a foul" "I didn't think I'd be able to see Newzi on Japanese TV so quickly" "Newz is the best" "Minji-chan Haein-chan do your best in Japanese" I cried because they did it.” “Thank you for the full ver. On Twitter, the trend in Japan caused a sensation that it temporarily rose to 4th place.