Lapilus, comeback today (22nd)... Hit the world with \

Group Lapillus is making a comeback with a new song 'Gravata'.

At 6 pm on the 22nd, Lapilus released his 1st mini album 'GIRL's ROUND Part. 1' is released and full-fledged comeback activities begin.

Lapilus' new album 'GIRL's ROUND Part. 1' contains the bold ambition of shooting the dreams of six girls. Five songs are included, including the title song 'GRATATA', 'Burn With Love', a song about burning love, and 'Queendom', an invitation to the world of Lapilus.

In particular, the title song 'GRATATA' is a dance pop based on the Moombahton rhythm. The addictive melody and endless choreography killing parts are expected to capture the eyes and ears of fans.

Expectations are high for the record that Lapilus will rewrite through this album, which heralded an upgraded appearance in all aspects such as music, visuals, and performance.

Lapilus made his first step into the music industry with his debut song 'HIT YA!' on June 20th. They received great love from K-pop fans for their solid skills and unique identity.