Davichi Kang Min-kyung X Jannabi Choi Jung-hoon, duet song \

Davichi Kang Min-kyung and Jannabi Choi Jung-hoon released concept photos, heralding the autumn sensibility. 

Kang Min-kyung released all the concept photos for the duet song 'Because  We Loved' through the official SNS on the 20th and 21st.
In the first published image, Kang Min-kyung is gazing at the camera with an alluring atmosphere, attracting attention. Kang Min-kyung showed off her feminine yet soft charm with wine-colored styling, and the gloomy green background adds to the autumn mood.

Davichi Kang Min-kyung X Jannabi Choi Jung-hoon, duet song \
Following this, Choi Jung-hoon is also attracting attention with a warm autumn atmosphere. Choi Jung-hoon added a lyrical mood with clothes that fit well with the seasons, and conveyed his unique simple charm with his deep eyes and expression.

Accordingly, music fans' expectations for 'Because Because We Loved', which added perfection with the unique chemistry of Kang Min-kyung and Choi Jung-hoon, are also rising.

Meanwhile, Kang Min-kyung and Choi Jung-hoon's digital single 'Because We Loved' will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on the 26th.