Group LABOUM (Soyeon, Jinye, Haein, Solbin) will suspend team activities indefinitely for 8 years and start individual activities. In fact, the team is disbanded.

According to a music official on the 22nd, after a long discussion with their agency about their future activities, LABOUM finally reached an agreement to focus on individual activities.

LABOUM confirmed to disband after 8 years... Leave the agency and start individual activities 

It is known that this decision was made as Yanolja took over Interpark and changed the direction of the entertainment business.

LABOUM members will conduct activities with other agencies separately from Interpark Music Plus according to their respective areas of activity. It was confirmed that the LABOUM members also have a strong will for individual activities.

An official said, "Currently, the activities of the LABOUM team have not been decided. It will be discussed after the reorganization of Interpark's entertainment business. We support the members' individual activities in the future."

Previously, Laboum had discussions with Interpark Music Plus to terminate the contract last month. Even if LABOUM's contract with Interpark Music Plus was terminated, the team could be maintained if all members transferred to another company and performed group activities, but ultimately agreed to carry out individual activities.

On the other hand, LABOUM debuted in 2014 and was loved by releasing 'Journey to Atlantis', 'Shooting Love', and 'Aalow Aalow'. After signing the contract last year, the third mini-album 'Blossom' was released in November.