Chanmina, Japanese rapper X Korean rapper meeting ‘ASH ISLAND’ supporting shooting ‘Don’t go’ released on the 23rd

Chanmina announces her activities in Korea with her new song 'Don't go'.

This time, Chanmina's new song 'Don't go (feat. ASH ISLAND)' has been attracting a lot of attention thanks to support shooting from Korea's representative rapper ASH ISLAND, and it is expected to leave a strong presence as a song that makes you feel intense rapping and running.

In addition, this new song is a song that announces the start of Chan Mi-na's full-fledged Korean activities, adding a special meaning, and her said, "I'm really happy to finally be able to release a sound source in Korea. Also, this song is expected to be a meaningful and precious song with ASH ISLAND. Please look forward to our future activities.”

Chanmina, who has been attracting attention from fans around the world for her outstanding musicality and growth potential, was active in the 'High School Rapper Championship' of the Japanese edition of 'High School Rapper', followed by a solo move in Japan with a total of over 1 billion streaming and total playback on the official YouTube channel. The number of times broke through 300 million times.

In addition, Chanmina, who has built a position with her own music color, has continued her active music activities by featuring on sound sources such as Korean artists Taeyeon and Kang Daniel, and is actively promoting with the new Korean song 'Don't go (feat. The signal will sound.

Meanwhile, Chanmina's new song 'Don't go (feat. ASH ISLAND)' can be found on various music sites at 6 pm on the 23rd.