Lee Jung-min joins the audio drama \

Actor Lee Jung-min joins 'Welcome to Human-dong Bookstore'.

Genie Music, Millie's library audio drama 'Welcome to Human-dong Bookstore' is based on the novel of the same name, which immediately ranked in the top 10 e-book bestsellers upon publication. It is a work in which people with 'Human-dong Bookstore', where books, coffee, and warm people gather, find the true meaning of life.

In the drama, Lee Jung-min takes on the role of Najimi, the representative of the roasting company Gotbin. Najimi, who supplies coffee beans to the bookstore in Hunam-dong, is close to the female lead, Young-joo Lee (played by Oh Yeon-seo), and is suffering from boredom with her long-time boyfriend. Lee Jung-min is expected to provide a resting place for listeners by conveying warm comfort and empathy with stable vocalization and a comfortable tone to listen to.

Lee Jung-min is a talented actor who has been building up filmography as an actor step by step through numerous works such as the web drama 'Kissing You-Kai', the drama 'Let me hear your song', 'Mr. In addition, he was cast as the hypnotic Salsu Yawol in the action historical drama 'Salsu'.

Meanwhile, 'Welcome to Human-dong Bookstore' will be released at Milly's library, Genie Music.