NewJeans become a trend with their first TV appearance in Japan; announcer Asami Miura is also mesmerized by the Japanese greetings

New Jeans (from left) HYEIN, HAERIN, DANIELLE, HANNI, MINJI (C) 2022 ADOR. All Rights Reserved.On the 28th, Korean rookie 5-member girl group NewJeans announced the Nippon Television music special program "Announcement! The song I listened to the most this year. This was the first time for NewJeans, who are making a big break in Korea, to appear on Japanese TV, and they were trending on Twitter.NewJeans, which debuted in Korea in July, is a five-member group consisting of MINJI, HANNI, DANIELLE, HAERIN, and HYEIN, all in their teens. Min Hee Jin, who has many fans as a “K-POP concept craftsman”, will serve as general producer. The musicality and music videos that stir the fan's desire to think are gaining support and creating a big whirlwind. In the program, she sang her debut song "Attention" in full size. After the performance, MINJI said in Japanese, "It was the first year for us, and it was a year full of challenges and fun." As a team and as individuals, I want to grow, learn, and challenge various things." At the end, I bowed deeply, saying, "It was NewJeans. Thank you very much."On the internet, "I'm happy to see Newzi-chan Minji and Haein's Japanese is too cute and it's a foul" "I didn't think I'd be able to see Newzi on Japanese TV so quickly" "Newz is the best" "Minji-chan Haein-chan do your best in Japanese" I cried because they did it.” “Thank you for the full ver. On Twitter, the trend in Japan caused a sensation that it temporarily rose to 4th place. 
December 29,2022

Ive, 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards sortie... 'Hold your breath and love dive' to see the celebration stage

Trending idol IVE decorates the '2022 MBC Entertainment Awards' with a special celebration stage.The '2022 MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Awards', which will be broadcast on December 29th (Thursday), is a place where trending entertainment and entertainers all gather to look back on the moments that gave viewers the greatest pleasure during the year.Jeon Hyun-moo, Lee Yi-kyung, and Kang Min-kyung, who previously showed off their individuality in each field, took over as MCs and predicted a different combination. In the midst of this, in the year 2022, the idol IVE, which captivated both the eyes and ears of the public, is raising expectations by taking on the celebration stage and decorating the finish line.Since their debut in December 2021, IVE has established itself as a trending idol both in name and reality, all-killing various music charts and award ceremonies, and setting a new record unprecedented in girl group history. They dominated 2022 with addictive music and performances, and achieved the feat of winning the Rookie of the Year award and the Daesang at the same time. As a result, I am curious about what kind of stage IVE, which made Korea excited, will show at the '2022 MBC Entertainment Awards'.At the same time, attention is focused on the fact that MBC's entertainment stars, who gathered a lot of topics in 2022, will be all out. In particular, as various entertainment programs such as 'I live alone', 'What do I do when I play', 'Point of Omniscient Interfere', and 'Radio Star' have been loved, who will enjoy the joy of winning among them will be the '2022 MBC Entertainment Awards'. looking forward to moreAs such, the '2022 MBC Entertainment Awards' is expected to fill the last square of 2022 with various advantages, including this year's trends, entertainment stars with colorful charms, and IVE stages that will make viewers 'LOVE DIVE'.The delightful party '2022 MBC Entertainment Awards', which you want to see with your own eyes, will be broadcast on December 29th (Thursday).
December 14,2022

Kim Go-eun "'Han Ye-jong's motives' Kim Seong-cheol and Lee Sang-i cried and were empty, if it weren't for the two of them..."

While preparing for the movie 'Hero', actress Kim Go-eun talked about her classmates, Kim Seong-cheol and Lee Sang-i, who were the '10th graders of the Han Ye-jong School'.On the afternoon of the 9th, Kim Go-eun told various stories about the movie 'Hero' (director Yoon Je-kyun), which is about to be released online.'Hero', a film adaptation of the original musical 'Hero', is the story of Dr. Ahn Jung-geun, who killed Hirobumi Ito in Harbin in October 1909 and was sentenced to death by a Japanese court. A film depicting the last unforgettable year.Kim Go-eun plays the role of Seol-hee, an informant in the independence army. Seol-hee, the last court lady of Joseon, secretly carries out her mission by approaching Ito Hirobumi while hiding her identity to avenge the country's enemies.Kim Go-eun digests the Japanese line from the song. He went through a thorough preparation period by taking vocal lessons before filming, and shows acting that expresses both the song and the character's emotions at the same time.Kim Go-eun / Photo courtesy of CJ ENMOn this day, Kim Go-eun mentioned Lee Sang-yi with Kim Seong-cheol, a classmate of 'Han Ye-jong Class 10'. Kim Go-eun said, "Those two people bothered me the most. While preparing for 'Hero', I begged and cried to the two busy people, saying, 'I'll do it somehow, so please look at it.'" "he said.He continued, "I dragged her to the practice room and sang in front of (Kim Seong-chul and Lee Sang) and cried because of frustration. I've been training singing since high school, so I did well back then. In a way, I think I did better than the two at the time. He said he was cheating," he added.Kim Go-eun said, "When I saw (Kim Seong-cheol, Lee Sang-i) sing in front of me, I thought, 'What has happened?' I also heard such criticism. Suddenly, Kim Seong-cheol's words come to mind. He said, "I forgot how to vocalize. Please let me know." Then he said, "Don't think of it as a song, think of it as lines and express it through acting." Explained.Also, "So he said, 'It's not that I don't know that.' He asked if I could express my emotions only if I could make sounds. I sat there and cried and said, 'What should I do?' I want to say thank you for borrowing it. I think it would have been difficult to overcome without the two of you. Thank you.Meanwhile, the movie 'Hero' starring Kim Go-eun will be released on the 21st.
December 09,2022

KARA reveals Japanese album jacket photo, recording & bonus content

 K-POP girl group KARA will release the Japanese album "MOVE AGAIN – KARA 15TH ANNIVERSARY ALBUM" on December 21st. has been published.◆KARA reveals the jacket photo of the Japanese edition album The jacket of the regular edition album uses a photo of a natural image that has not been released until now, and the new charm of KARA, who has become a little more mature, is fully revealed.In addition, the venue for the fan meeting in Japan, which will be held in Osaka, Fukuoka, and Yokohama from February 23 next year, has been decided.◆KARA makes a full-fledged comeback Yesterday, on the 29th, KARA made a full-fledged comeback with the release of the 15th anniversary album "MOVE AGAIN" in Korea. On the same day, they performed at the 2022 MAMA Awards held at Kyocera Dome Osaka, performing in Japan for the first time in about seven years since their tour in September 2015. In the stage that was the first performance of the "complete body" members (Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole, Jiyeon, Youngji) who realized this comeback, in addition to the lead song "WHEN I MOVE" from "MOVE AGAIN", They performed a medley of “LUPIN”, “Mr.” (modelpress editorial department)◆ "MOVE AGAIN – KARA 15TH ANNIVERSARY ALBUM (Japan Edition)"【Limited Edition】<CD1> 6 new songs1. WHEN I MOVE (Japanese Version)2. Queens (Japanese Version)3. Shout It Out (Korean Version)4. Happy Hour (Korean Version)5. WHEN I MOVE (Korean Version)6. Queens (Japanese Version - Remix)<CD2> 12 hit singles (* not new recording)1. Mr.2. Jumpin'3. Lupine4. Roller Coaster Love5. GO GO Summer!6. Winter Magic7. "Thank you" I want to give now8. Speed up9. Step10. Electric Boy11. Bye Bye Happy Days!12. Mamma Mia!<DVD> Music videos of hit singles and latest songs, making videos, etc.1. WHEN I MOVE (Japanese Version) Music Video2.LUPIN (Korean Ver.) Music Video3. Mr. Music Video4. Jumping Music Video5. Roller Coaster Love Music Video6. Mamma Mia! Music Video7. GO GO Summer! Music Video8. Winter Magic Music Video9. STEP (Korean Version) Music Video10. Now, I want to give you "thank you" Music Video11. Speed Up Music Video12. Electric Boy Music Video13. Bye Bye Happy Days! Music Video14.Behind The Scenes of “WHEN I MOVE” Video Shooting<Enclosed privilege>・2 trading cards (2 types for each member / 2 randomly selected from a total of 10 types)・One lottery ticket for participation in the special party at the venue of the fan meeting in Japan (one application per ticket)[Normal Edition] First Press Edition <CD1> Newly recorded 6 so
December 01,2022

Blackpink's 'Kill This Love' MV surpasses 1.7 billion views... second all-time record

BLACKPINK's 'Kill This Love' music video has surpassed 1.7 billion views on YouTube.According to YG Entertainment on the 25th, Blackpink's music video for 'Kill This Love' surpassed 1.7 billion YouTube views at 2:53 pm on the same day. It has been about 3 years and 7 months since it was released on YouTube and about 5 months since it reached 1.6 billion views. This is a part that makes us guess the constant interest of global fans.With this, Blackpink became the first K-pop artist to have two music videos with over 1.7 billion views. Previously, their other mega hit song 'DDU-DU DDU-DU' achieved the same number of views and is rapidly moving towards 2 billion views.'Kill This Love' is a song with strong lead brass and magnificent drum sounds. This music video captures the hearts of fans all over the world with sophisticated visual beauty and Blackpink's powerful yet charismatic dance line.In particular, it was evaluated that the addictive point choreography, including the action of shooting a long gun, was impressive, and it was also listed as the only K-pop in 'Top 10 Most Viewed Music Videos in the World in 2019'.The sound source also achieved remarkable results on various major charts. In the first week of its release, the song ranked 41st and 24th on the US Billboard main chart Hot 100 and Billboard 200, respectively, replacing the highest ranking among K-pop girl groups at the time.Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is cruising through the largest world tour of a K-pop girl group, attracting about 1.5 million people. Having sold out all the tickets for 14 North American performances in 7 cities and breathing with 200,000 spectators, they will move on to London on the 30th and embark on a European tour of 10 performances in 7 cities. From 2023, the following year, they are expected to expand their rapport with fans by heading to Asia and Oceania.
November 25,2022