"Asami Seto Now Roading Online Party 2" will be held on November 20th!

 The second online event of the program "Asami Seto Now Roading" (every Sunday from 7:00 pm) hosted by the voice actress Asami Seto, who is currently broadcasting on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting's Internet radio channel "Super! A & G+". Roading Online Party 2” will be held on November 20th (Sun) in two parts.“Asami Seto Now Roading” is a program that conveys what voice actress Asami Seto is worried about and what she feels “now”.In the program, we are delivering a corner of "Listener's Junction" that collects and introduces mails related to "roads" and "vehicles" and a corner of "Nowro Healing" that explores new healing experiences. .This online event will be the second event since "Asami Seto Now Roading Winter Party 2021" held in December 2021. In Part 1, we welcome Chihaya Yoshitake as a guest who wants to meet "now", and in Part 2, Mutsumi Tamura, who is with us in "The drifting housing complex that tells rain", etc., will be delivered in two parts. At the event, we are planning talks and projects that cannot be heard on regular programs.The event will be held on Saturday, November 20th, with the first part starting at 4:30 pm and the second part starting at 7:00 pm. Viewing tickets are on sale at 3,000 yen (tax included) for the first part, 2,500 yen (tax included) for the second part, and 4,000 yen (tax included) for the through ticket. In addition, those who have purchased a ticket can watch the event again through archive distribution for one week until 23:59 on Sunday, November 27th.
November 01,2022

MONSTA X's Kihyun, 'Youth' music broadcast activity begins

Group MONSTA X's Kihyun will meet his fans on the stage of his first music show.Kihyun will appear on KBS2's 'Music Bank', which will be broadcast at 5:05 pm on the 28th, and will unveil the stage of the first mini album 'YOUTH' and the title song 'Youth' of the same name.Kihyun's stage this time is the first stage performed by Kihyun on a music show, who made a comeback as a solo artist after 7 months on the 24th. Expectations are high as to what kind of stage Kihyun will perform in the music broadcast, which has provoked a hot reaction after the release of the sound source and music video.The title song 'Youth' is a song that most vividly conveys the emotions that traveler Kihyun felt as a child. It is an alternative rock track in which the present Ki-hyun intersects the feelings of that time and the present promise to Ki-hyun as a child.Previously, actors Song Seung-heon, Yoo Yeon-seok, Shin Seung-ho, singers Jeong Se-woon, and CRAVITY, who had heard of 'Youth' before the release of the soundtrack, praised it through listening reactions and gathered topics. Since then, Naver NOW. A comeback show was held through '#OUTNOW', and expectations were raised for his full-fledged activities.Meanwhile, Kihyun's first mini album includes the title song 'Youth', 'Bad Liar', 'STARDUST', 'Where Is This Love', 'Cause of You (Cause of You)' is recorded, so you can feel Kihyun's colorful musicality.Starting with KBS 2TV 'Music Bank' on the 28th, Kihyun appeared on MBC 'Show! Music Core' on the 29th, JTBC'K-909', and SBS 'Inkigayo' on the 30th, giving a special comeback stage with the new song 'Youth'. will do In addition, he plans to continue his active activities through various contents such as 'Superman is Stone' and tvN's 'Business Fifteen Nights 2 X Starship: Autumn Outing'.
October 28,2022

Will 'Youn's Kitchen' come back? "Initial planning stage, no title/organization confirmed" (official)

October 27,2022

Heize to hold their first solo concert after 9 years of debut... "Seoul → Daegu for a month in December"

Singer Heize will hold her first solo concert since her debut.P NATION, the management company, announced on the 26th, "Our artist Heize will hold their first solo concert 'Heize 1st Concert 'Heize City'' in Seoul, Busan and Daegu for a month in December." .First, Heize will meet Seoul fans for three weeks from December 3 to 18 every Saturday and Sunday at Ewha Womans University Samsung Hall in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. In the third week, a performance on Friday (16th) will be added. Then, on the 24th, a special Christmas Eve will be held at the Grand Theater of the Busan Citizens' Hall, and on the 31st, the year will end at the Daegu Kyungpook National University Auditorium.In particular, this concert has a special meaning. This is because it is Heize's first solo concert after 9 years of debut. In response, a representative from the agency said, "Heize will present unforgettable memories to fans with stages from the hit songs that have been loved a lot to the stages of various repertoires that have not been seen or heard anywhere," raising expectations for the concert.Heize is an all-round artist. Debuted in 2014 with the digital single 'Wander a little more' and since then, 'That Star', 'It's Raining So', 'I Don't Know You Too Much', 'Happy Coincidence', etc. It has established itself as a 'sound source queen'. The title track of the 2nd regular album 'Undo', which was released after 3 years, also swept the top spot, proving the modifier of 'farewell artisan'.On the other hand, ticket reservations for Heize's first concert 'Heize City' will be opened exclusively on the online reservation site Interpark Ticket at 7 pm on the 27th.
October 26,2022