Create the largest modern city ever in Minecraft! Introducing big projects that are too hard to make, from large commercial facilities to new towns and luxury residential areas

This time, I would like to introduce a video posted by Chisara called "【Minecraft】史上最大級の現代都市を作る Season2 Part9【ゆっくり実況】".With over 200 million copies sold to date, Minecraft is the most played game in the world, and has become a kind of standard for play-by-play videos.This time, since 2014, with the goal of "creating the largest modern city in history", construction is progressing in the world named "Sayama Prefecture". I'll let you know what happens after Season 2.Like last time, we will look at the progress of Tsukiizumi City. There are large commercial facilities in the center. If you look closely at the logo, it looks somewhat familiar...Home centers, condominiums, credit unions, etc. are also being built. The quality of the project is overwhelming, as it is carefully crafted down to the smallest details.Next, I would like to report on the status of new town development. This looks like an upscale residential area.Because it is a new town located on a considerable hill, it is essential to move by car. Therefore, it seems that only people with economic power who can own a car can live here.Due to such a setting, each house is lined with quite elaborate items. A garden with a large garden, a roof with a complicated shape... it's the world of rich people's hobby. This new town has not been completely filled yet, and it seems that development is still underway.The ``[Minecraft] Create the Largest Modern City in History'' series, where large-scale construction continues with the goal of ``creating the largest modern city in history''. What is going on with that architecture series that started in 2014? If you know the previous season, please watch from Season 2, and if you don't know, please watch from Season 1.
October 10,2022