The movie "And then the baton was passed" will be broadcast today on November 11th on NTV's "Friday Road Show".

"And then the baton was passed"? Based on Seo Maiko's bestseller

"And the Baton Was Passed" is a work based on Maiko Seo's novel published in 2018. The original novel is a bestseller that won the 2019 Bookstore Award. The live-action movie version was released in October last year, and this time will be the first terrestrial broadcast. Broadcast from 21:00 to 23:34.

At the center of the work is Yuko Morimiya, who has changed her last name four times after being relayed between her parents who are not related by blood, and Rika, her mother-in-law who has changed her husband many times and lives a freewheeling life. The two stories are connected and Yuko's growth is depicted.

Mei Nagano will play the main character Yuko Morimiya, Kei Tanaka will play the role of Mr. Morimiya, the unrelated father who lives with Yuko, and Satomi Ishihara will play the role of Rika, a single mother who lives with her daughter but suddenly disappears. Kenji Okada plays Kento Hayase, a genius pianist who has a faint love for Yuko, Raizumi Inagaki plays Miitan, Rika's daughter, and Nao Omori and Masachika Ichimura play the men who are tossed by Rika. In addition, Aya Asahina will play the role of the beautiful teacher, Yuko Ando will play the role of Kaori Mito, Naho Toda will play the role of Hayase's mother, and Hana Kino will play the role of the housekeeper Yoshimi. Directed by Tetsu Maeda of "Konna Yooake ni Banana Kayo: My Lovely True Story" and written by Yuji Hashimoto.

Mei Nagano, Kei Tanaka, and Satomi Ishihara cast comments at the time of the movie release. Director & author

When my mother read the original novel, she said, "If it's made into a live action, I'd like Mei to play it." It was a role I had never tried before, but I thought it was a work that I definitely wanted to do for my mother and myself. It made me realize that even parents and children who are not blood-related can have a deep love, and knowing the kind and warmth of love that I have never felt, I realized that the bond between people becomes stronger.

Mr. Tanaka, who I met at the shooting site, was Mr. Morimiya just like the image of the original, so much that I couldn't help but say, "Mr. Morimiya is here!" Even during filming, he was a very kind person and I always relied on him, so I hope you will look forward to the parent-child relationship between Mr. Morimiya and Yuko.

Mei Nagano, Kei Tanaka, Satomi Ishihara co-starring movie "And the baton was passed" will be broadcast for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting on Kinro

Mei Nagano as Yuko Morimiya ©2021 Film "And the baton was passed" Production Committee

When I read the script, I thought it would be a difficult role because it depicts a strange parent-child relationship. I played the role of a father who has a daughter, so I thought that my real life would be a weapon, so I entered the set, but unfortunately I couldn't use it as a reference because my age was completely different from Mei-chan (laughs). I thought it would be difficult to create a relationship between a parent and child who is not related by blood, and it was actually not easy, but I played it because I thought it would be nice if I could have a wonderful sense of distance with Yuko-chan, who is played by Mei-chan. . I acted because I wanted to create a parent-child image that I have never seen before.

Mei Nagano, Kei Tanaka, Satomi Ishihara co-starring movie "And the baton was passed" will be broadcast for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting on Kinro

Kei Tanaka, who plays Mr. Morimiya ©2021 Film “And then the baton was passed” Production Committee

Rika, who I play, is a very fearless, a little hard to understand and mysterious character, so I read the script while thinking that it would be difficult to play her. It was kind and warm, but it was heartrending and full of love, and I felt the same feeling after reading the original. It was my first time playing the role of a mother, but there are many children of my friends around me, so I think I was able to play without feeling overwhelmed. I was always with Kurumi-chan (who plays the daughter) during the shooting, and I tried to spend as much time touching skin to skin as possible. I felt comfortable when I touched it, and I had a very lovely and enjoyable time.

Mei Nagano, Kei Tanaka, Satomi Ishihara co-starring movie "And the baton was passed" will be broadcast for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting on Kinro

Satomi Ishihara as Rika ©2021 Film "And the Baton Was Passed" Production Committee

Playing the role of a genius pianist, he has desires and worries that only he can understand, and the movie depicts how he solves those worries. In fact, I was able to discover something similar to myself in Hayase's elements, but it is a "floating" place. He's a bit of a strange character, but I was able to get some clues from Hayase about how to live. It was my first time co-starring with Nagano-san, even though I was the same age as her. It was a very blessed site because there were few co-stars with people of the same age. This was my first time playing the piano, and I learned from a piano teacher for about four months before the crank-in. I am also looking forward to seeing how the finished product looks like.

Mei Nagano, Kei Tanaka, Satomi Ishihara co-starring movie "And the baton was passed" will be broadcast for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting on Kinro

Kenji Okada as Kento Hayase. Currently, he works under his real name, Koji Mizukami. ©2021 Film "And the Baton Has Been Passed" Production Committee

[Comment from Nao Omori (Mr. Mito)]

I was happy to be able to participate in director Maeda Tetsu's work for the first time in a long time. I was deceived when I read the script, so as a movie fan, I'm looking forward to seeing that kind of fun appear in the film. There are various episodes spelled out, so I think it will be a work with a good tempo. I'm really looking forward to the skill of the director. Satomi Ishihara is a wonderful person. I'm honored to have played a role where Ishihara Satomi-san was at the mercy of me. Also, Raizumi-chan was a really good girl. Due to the direction of the director, I suddenly performed a different performance than before, and the director asked me, "Mr. Omori, are you okay?" .

[Comment from Masachika Ichimura (role of Izumigahara)]

I played Izumigahara in a very calm and calm life.

Izumigahara, who I played, is a very gentleman. He lost his wife at an early age, his children went abroad, and he lived in a big house with his housekeeper. , changes come to his life. I've known Satomi Ishihara for a long time, and I've seen her in various works, so I thought she was a good actress. Unlike when I first met her, I felt that she has matured into an actress who can express various things such as sadness, warmth, and the depth behind her eyes as she ages.

[Comment from director Tetsu Maeda]

By nature, children are treasures, and should be cherished and protected by those around them, and unconditionally loved by their parents. This work touches the essence of human beings and the essence of being a parent and a child, and is a necessary work for the present and the future, where there are many gloomy incidents of children. It is a story that Rather than telling a story of hope, we believe that this quirky "family story" itself is hope. I want to deliver great happiness to the hearts of the audience, deeper and deeper, along with tears.

[Comment from Maiko Seo]

This work is my favorite work that made me think "I wanted to write this kind of feeling", so I'm very happy that it will be made into a movie.

When I asked about the cast, at first I thought they were all too beautiful, but after watching the short trailer, it seemed like the characters in the novel actually appeared before my eyes. I was thrilled. I am looking forward to seeing the movie.

Mei Nagano, Kei Tanaka, Satomi Ishihara co-starring movie "And the baton was passed" will be broadcast for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting on Kinro

Raizumi Inagaki as Miitan ©2021 Film “And the Baton Was Passed” Production Committee


SHE'S is in charge of the inspiration song

SHE'S, who was selected from about 200 candidate artists, was in charge of the inspiration song for this work. Ryoma Inoue (Vo), who was a reader of the original, said about the work, “People have connected people, people have connected people for thousands of years, tens of thousands of years. I'm sure it will nourish the hearts of those who live in this era.Just like clear water slowly melts into dry paper.I was able to re-encounter this work that left a lasting impression on me after I finished reading it two years ago.The baton connects With the many words I received from the beloved characters in my heart, I composed the song so that it would be close to the world of the movie and amplify the scenery, and that the love would reach the warm fans who have been walking the music life together. It's a very nice work, so please go see it in the cinema, and when you're done watching it, it's time for you to pass the baton to someone else.”


Yuko Morimiya, who was raised by non-blood related parents and has changed her last name four times, lives with her father-in-law, Mr. Morimiya, who is a good cook. Currently, she is taking intensive piano lessons for her graduation ceremony. Things about the future, about love, about friends, things that don't go well...

On the other hand, Rika is a femme fatale who lives a free-spirited life while changing her husband many times. He seemed to live with his crybaby daughter, Miitan, with all his heart, but one day, he suddenly disappeared, leaving his beloved daughter behind.

Then, with a letter that arrives at Yuko's place, completely different stories intersect so that they are drawn together. "Yuko-chan, actually..." Mr. Morimiya also had a secret that he hid from Yuko. What was your father hiding? Why did Rika disappear? What exactly is the ``lie at the risk of life'' and the ``secret you shouldn't know'' that your parents tell you?

Two families are connected, and eventually unraveling "lies and secrets at the risk of life". When the story reaches its climax and you learn the true meaning of the title, you will be inundated with the greatest surprises and greatest emotions. (From the official movie site )