'Summer Strike' Im Si-wan and Kim Seol-hyun set out to heal Monday sickness.

Genie TV's original drama 'Summer Strike' (directed by Lee Yoon-jeong, Hong Moon-pyo/played by Hong Moon-pyo, Lee Yoon-jeong) will be broadcast for the first time on the ENA channel at 9:20 pm on the 21st.

'Summer Strike', which is expected to create synergy between the chemistry of two young actors Seolhyun Kim and Im Siwan and director Yoonjung Lee of 'The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince' and 'Cheese in the Trap', predicted a 'finding a comma' drama for people who are tired of everyday life. .


'Summer Strike', which aroused strong sympathy from prospective viewers from the title, depicts the story of leaving a complicated city and finding myself in an unfamiliar place to do nothing. The drama begins with Yeoreum (played by Kim Seol-hyun), who has lived a fierce life in order not to be left behind, looking for Angok, a seaside village, and talks about things that can only be seen when stopped. Yeoreum's decision to declare "I will not do anything from today. It's a strike for life" will evoke empathy, and the story of finding the answer to life will leave a deep resonance with many people.

# Kim Seol-hyun, who met a life character X Im Si-wan maximizing innocence

Kim Seol-hyeon plays Lee Summer, who resigned from the company and became an unemployed voluntarily, and Im Si-wan plays Ahn Dae-beom, a librarian whose life is a question mark. In particular, the actors raise expectations by foreshadowing the perfect 'Kaaiche' performance. Kim Seol-hyun, who went to the director in sympathy with the feelings of summer in the script, expressed a natural summer look with only BB cream applied. Im Si-wan charmingly portrays Dae-beom, who has few words but has innocence and warmth inside, and drew favorable reviews from director Lee Yoon-jung, saying that he "maximized Dae-beom's innocence." In fact, since both actors met while running non-stop, attention is focused on the acting that will lead to empathy and immersion.

# Healing location and visual beauty

Director Lee Yun-jeong conducted location shooting for six months, including Gurye, Namhae, and Gokseong, to realize Angok Village. Rumor has it that the production team traveled all over the country to select a location. The village scenery with mountains and seas that can be glimpsed through trailers and highlight videos made me expect beautiful visual beauty. In addition to this, Kim Seol-hyun and Im Si-wan's refreshing visual chemistry will make viewers smile. In particular, while filming, Im Si-wan said that he actually lived in Gurye, raising expectations for a healing location shoot.

# Angok Village and various characters that smell like people

In addition to Seolhyun Kim and Im Siwan, various members of Angok Village will fill the drama. Kim Bom (played by Shin Eun-soo), a picky high school student who goes to the library instead of school, Heo Jae-hun (played by Bang Jae-min), a pure-hearted man who has a crush on Bom, Jo Ji-young (played by Park Ye-young), an Angok library official who wants to go to the city opposite summer, and Seong-min Bae, the vice president of the Angok Village Youth Association (Single Dad) Min-gyu Kwak) and his mischievous elementary school son Bae Jun (played by Kim Jun), as well as various people from Angok Village, predict an active performance. Attention is drawn to the story with the villagers, who will send a prickly gaze toward Yeoreum, an outsider, and also warmly welcome the summer like Daebeom.

Kim Seol-hyun said, "The point to watch in our drama is 'empathy.' same," he said. Im Si-wan said, "Actually, it seems that we live so busy that we don't even know we are tired. I hope that 'Summer Strike' will be a drama like a comma where they can take a break at a tempo."

Genie TV's original drama 'Summer Strike' will premiere on the ENA channel at 9:20 pm on the 21st, and can also be seen on Genie TV and seezn (season).