The movie 'The Owl' surpassed 1 million viewers on the 8th day of release.

On the 30th, according to the tally of the movie theater ticket integrated computer network of the Korea Film Promotion Commission, 'The Owl' recorded a cumulative audience of 1,036,808 as of 7 am on the same day. With this, 'Owl' surpassed 1 million viewers on the 8th day after its release on the 23rd.

'Owl', starring Yoo Hae-jin and Ryu Jun-yeol, is a historical thriller historical drama about a blind acupuncturist who can only see at night witnessing the death of a crown prince and then fighting to uncover the truth. did. 'Owl' mobilized 96,690 people that day, showing a cumulative audience of 989,709. After that, on the morning of the 8th, it exceeded 1 million viewers and continued to be a box office hit. 

'Owl' is a new work that adds imagination to historical mystery, and it is said that it not only stimulates the interest of the audience, but also captures the hearts of the audience by providing a cinematic experience with colorful sights and rich music that catches the eyes and ears. As it is receiving favorable reviews as a well-made movie, attention is being paid to the box office trend in the second week of release.

Meanwhile, on the 29th, the second place at the box office was 'Decibel', which met 19,257 viewers on 813 screens and showed a cumulative audience of 815,756. Third place was 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever', which attracted 15,534 people to the theater that day, recording a cumulative audience of 2,018,532.