'Avatar: Road to Water' to be released on the 14th
CJ CGV-KAIST developed the world's first multi-screening system
Application of domestic technology '4DX' and 'Screen X'
Maximizing immersion experience to the front, left and right, and ceiling of the screen

‘Avatar 2’ captivates global audiences’ five senses with Korean technology

The vast tropical rainforest and blue sea of the planet Pandora, the background of the movie 'Avatar 2', fills the theater screen. When the main character, 'Jake Sully', rides the flying creature Ikran into the sky, the audience can feel the feeling of flying along with the wind. It is also expected to give the audience the impression of swimming underwater with sea creatures.

CJ 4D Flex, a subsidiary of CJ CGV, operates a special theater that uses 4DX and ScreenX technology for 'Avatar: Road of Water', which is scheduled to be released on the 14th.

'ScreenX' is the world's first multi-screen system developed purely with domestic technology. It was jointly developed by CJ CGV and KAIST for the first time in the world. If existing movie theaters screened with only one screen facing the front, ScreenX is characterized by using three sides as screens (270 degrees) by expanding the front and left and right walls. You can even extend the screen up to the ceiling.

In particular, ScreenX is well-received as a new technology that has changed the paradigm of the global film industry. The government selected ScreenX developed with Korean technology as the '2016 Flagship Project' to preoccupy it as a global movie platform, and supported the technology development, content production, and overseas expansion by investing KRW 12 billion jointly between the public and private sectors for two years.

As a result, 4DX and ScreenX are currently operating in 783 theaters in 69 countries and 350 theaters in 38 countries, respectively, as of the end of November. Taking Hollywood as a stepping stone, it has leaped into a global platform. It has already captured the attention of fans around the world through blockbuster films such as ▲King Arthur ▲Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ▲Top Gun: Maverick.

By experiencing Hollywood-level CG work by purely domestic production crews, ScreenX's expressive power is also being raised to the next level. In fact, the ScreenX production team and cooperative CG companies splendidly implement various CG elements in the movie on the wall screen, stimulating the five senses of the audience. In addition to the economic effects resulting from this, it is contributing to the creation of a virtuous cycle ecosystem by expanding the high-quality video production market. 


‘Avatar 2’ captivates global audiences’ five senses with Korean technology

In January 2020, CJ 4DPLEX participated in 'CES 2020', the world's largest IT and consumer electronics exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA, for the first time in the screening industry, and announced '4DX', a five-sensory theater. Representative film industry exhibitions such as 'CinemaCon', 'Show East', and 'CineAsia', as well as major technologies such as the US 'Edison Award', the US 'International 3D/Next Generation Imaging Association (I3DS)', and the Chinese 'I Research Award' Awarded as the most innovative company at the awards ceremony.

The movement and connection of each motion of the 4DX seat has become more natural and smoother. Audiences can feel realistic movements in dynamic action scenes such as flight scenes, car drift scenes, and chase scenes. In 'Top Gun: Maverick', which was released this year, the audience received favorable reviews for realizing the feeling of being on an airplane.

Meanwhile, 'Avatar: Water Road', which is about to be released, is about 'Jake Sully' (Sam Worthington), who decided to abandon human life and live as a Pandora's Na'vi, and 'Neytiri' (Joy Saldana), who started a family with him. Draws the story of children born between people. When the forest they lived in was destroyed by humans, Sulli and Neytiri set out to the sea where the Mekkeina, a people of water, live. If the previous work was set in a forest, this work has water as the background, as in the subtitle. As the basic setting is that Sulli and Neytiri have a family, it looks back on the value and meaning of family and, like the previous work, directly and indirectly deals with environmental issues.