Go Woo-ri confirmed for the lead role in \

On the 21st, the management company Image9Coms said, "I will take on the role of Yumira, the main character of the movie 'Animal Period of Escape(탈주의 동물기', which is scheduled to be released next year, and filming will start on the 21st. As this is my official film debut, I am determined to show a more mature image as an actor.”

'Animal Period of Escape(탈주의 동물기)' is set in a fictional future that has become anarchy due to the outbreak of infectious diseases, in which animals that take on human form during vaccine drug trials are created, and those who escape from the laboratory are met with former soldier Yumira (Ko Woo-ri) and former military personnel. It tells the story of a vaccine researcher, Gong Soo-cheol (Yang Taek-ho), who is being pursued.

Above all, it is a sci-fi thriller movie that is rare in Korea. It shows humans who believe that they can get huge wealth by developing new drugs through unethical experiments, and humans with animal habits in one story. are going to ask questions.

Yumira, played by Go Woo-ri, is a former soldier who suffered the pain of divorce as a child, and is a strong character who believes that blind loyalty and personal sacrifice for the country must be endured.

A representative of the agency related to this said, "It is a work that has been prepared for a long time not only in acting but also physically as it is a physically and mentally strong character opposite to the lovely image I have shown so far. We expect it to be a work that will show us a completely new side of Go Woo-ri.”

Meanwhile, Go Woo-ri is filming the Olleh TV original drama 'Gauss Electronics', which will be released on September 30th. In addition, Go Woo-ri's first movie 'Animal Period of Escape(탈주의 동물기' will be filmed in the second half of this year and post-production is scheduled to be submitted to domestic and international film festivals early next year.