"Emergency Declaration" On the ground and in the sky, the current location of the virus panic that attracts the competition of famous actors

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Song Kang-ho and Lee Byung-hun , both of Korea's most famous Japanese actors, have teamed up for the fourth time to create the movie "Emergency Declaration," which is so realistic that it is hard to believe that it was invented before the pandemic. ’.

This work is a powerful aviation panic movie that you want to witness on the screen, but it is also exceptionally interesting as an ensemble drama surrounding these two people. And just as we ourselves were forced to make choices against an unknown virus in various aspects, the characters in this movie are also faced with the ultimate choice.

To save his wife, Song Kang-ho's blood, sweat, and tears pour out!

Gu In-ho, played by Song Kang-ho, is a middle-aged detective who is not informed by his wife, Hae-yoon (“SKY Castle: Wives of the Upper Class,” Woo Mi-hwa) that he is going on a trip abroad, and his daughter does not want to smoke. In order to confirm the credibility of a video that has been posted on a video site that foretells an airplane terrorism, he tries to talk to an elementary school student at a luxury apartment where a person who seems to be the foreteller lives, but is told that he cannot speak English. . Such a slightly miserable small-town figure is Song Kang-ho itself as we have seen so far. 

At that time, his colleague detective Yoon-chul (“Three Sisters” Hyun Bong-sik) suddenly complained, “It’s a rich city, so the education level is high.” Little by little, Jinseok's character will have an outline. The opening scene where Im Si-wan, who has challenged the villain like never before, ridicules, is also convincing. Furthermore, the facts that are revealed one after another in Ryu Jin Suk's room heighten the tension just like "Outbreak".

When he learns that Ryu Jin-seok intends to cause an unprecedented aviation bioterrorism, and that his wife is on board the aircraft while traveling to Hawaii, Detective Ku's eyes light up. The investigation is forward-looking and full-powered, sometimes reckless. Detective Ku is covered in blood, sweat, and tears, with intense car chases like those shown in "The Elegant World" (2007), which he worked with for the first time with director Han Jae-rim.

On the ground, he is involved with Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kim Sook-hee, played by Jeon Do-yeon, who co-starred with Song Kang-ho in "Secret Sunshine." As the commander of the air terrorism countermeasures headquarters, she is also conflicted, takes pride, and tries to deal with it without speculation. In addition, Park Hae-joon, who became known as the 'unfaithful husband' of 'The World of the Married', will remain calm as Park Tae-soo, who was dispatched by the presidential office for crisis management.

Nonetheless, Song Kang-ho has played a "resistor" from a citizen's point of view, such as "Watcher" and "Taxi Driver ~The Promise Across the Sea~". In this work, we are not just waiting for the instructions of politicians and upper management, but we make choices that go beyond our imagination and confront an unprecedented virus. Including the fierce scene, Detective Goo has become a character that can only be played by Song Kang-ho.

Terrorists and trauma faced by Lee Byung-hun

On the other hand, at an altitude of 28,000 feet, turmoil spreads over the strange things that have begun to happen inside the plane. Park Jae-hyuk, played by Lee Byung-hun, was heading to Hawaii on an airplane, which he doesn't like, to treat his daughter Sumin's (Kim Bo-min) atopic dermatitis.

From the time they were at the airport, the parents were haunted by Ryu Jin-seok, a well-dressed but rude man. Uncomfortable that the man who asked, "Are you traveling? What about your wife?"

Lee Byung-hun, who has been very active as an action star so far, is not a perfect hero in this work like Dong-seok who cried in the latest Netflix drama "Our Blues". He shows his fragile, weak, and cowardly side as he has a feud and trauma with Hyun-soo, the deputy captain played by Kim Nam-gil.

Before long, the virus spread on the plane, and one by one, people began to cough, and they were hit by infections that began with fevers and rashes. "Aren't you infected?" The scene where such words pop out is like the beginning of the corona disaster, and even suspicion and egoism are rampant, and the weak are driven away. ].

Rather, on the plane, women such as the chief purser Hee-jin, played by Kim So-jin, who was acclaimed in director Han Jae-rim's previous film "The King," and Seol In-ah, the cabin attendant, were anxious and confused. Reliable even inside.

The fear that spreads as a "now" movie...

As the dramas of humans surrounding the virus intertwine, the chaos on the plane and on the ground will eventually connect, and the story will take an unexpected turn, and the situation will continue to worsen.

To make matters worse, we live in an era where mindless footage shot on smartphones is broadcast as news. In addition to the K zombies that have taken the world by storm, such as "New Infectious Diseases" and "Now, Our School is...", many of the infected panic movies are isolated, cut off from contact, and unable to grasp the current situation. It's a bit of a rush, but in this work, the latest information on the virus and the voices of the public are on board. This point also becomes a kind of fear as a movie of "now".

As explained at the beginning of the movie, "emergency declaration" is "martial law" in air operations. When the plane faces a crisis for some reason and normal flight becomes difficult, the pilot requests a forced landing. It was supposed to have absolute effect that any aircraft to which "this" was declared would be given priority over any other aircraft for landing.

However, like the cruise ships that continued to dock in Japan at that time, the fate of Flight KI501 became uncertain. In order to avoid the worst situation while thinking about someone important, everyone is forced to make a choice that literally puts their life on the line. People in the sky, their families on the ground, the police, politicians, the nation... The process of each facing what they can do is depicted with unprecedented spectacle, leaving no time to breathe.

Director Han Jae Rim, who also wrote the script, spent six months before filming to create a detailed storyboard "from cuts to composition, character emotions, props and costumes." It is said that this was to facilitate the large-scale shooting during the corona crisis, but now that reality has caught up with the fiction that was so calculated, we have been told to "self-help" and "self-responsibility". What choices do you have when faced with After watching the movie, I will continue to ask that question.

“Emergency Declaration” will be released nationwide from January 6, 2023 (Friday).