Director Lee Il-hyung, who directed the movie 'The Prosecutor's Gaiden', returns with the buddy movie 'Remember' with Lee Seong-min and Nam Joo-hyuk.

The film is directed by Lee Il-hyung, the director of 'The Prosecutor's Gaiden', which captivated 9.7 million viewers with its unique setting, unpredictable development, and delightful story, in which a prosecutor in prison, a criminal criminal outside the prison, and nine criminals, two characters who are ironic to solve a case together, collaborate. Meet the audience with 'Remember'.

The chemistry between Lee Seong-min and Nam Joo-hyuk in ‘Remember’ as they wrote a new history in Korean buddy films with a meticulous directing that draws out the different charms of actors Hwang Jung-min and Kang Dong-won, who have opposite atmospheres in ‘A Prosecutor’s Gaiden’, and adds to the fun of the character high interest in

In addition, Wolgwang, a film company that has continued a box office lineage regardless of genre, from 'Kundo: Age of the Rampant', 'Prosecutor's Gaiden', 'The Sheriff', 'Don' and 'The Duke' to the Netflix series 'Suriname', participates in the movie 'Remember'. It plans to further maximize the perfection and fun of '.

Director Lee Il-hyung tried to reinterpret the Japanese colonial period from a macroscopic perspective, unlike other works that deal with the past stuffed in history books, as a present progressive era that still affects individual lives from the present point of view of Korea. To this end, we wanted to add the perspective of the current generation through the unexpected accompaniment of an old man in his 80s and his best friend, a young man in his twenties, who live with the memories and scars of that time for the rest of their lives even after the Japanese colonial period ended.

After retiring, he is the oldest part-timer at a family restaurant for more than 10 years, and is a hacky man in his 80s who lives without hesitation with his grandchildren and colleagues. Expectations are high that it will present chemistry.

In particular, director Lee Il-hyung conveys a sense of humor with unique humor, such as calling each other "Hey Bro", conversing with various new words, and greeting each other with their unique signature poses. The complex emotional changes of Pil-joo, who is trying to take revenge for the rest of his life, and In-gyu, who convinces him and keeps asking questions, are expected to arouse sympathy from viewers as well as immersion.


Director Lee Il-hyung said, "If 'A Prosecutor's Gaiden' solves the same case but leads to fun with the difference between a prosecutor and a fraudster, 'Remember' connects Pil-joo and In-gyu as a single incident, but focuses on the generational difference between the two people. It was done from a point of view.”

Lee Seong-min, who worked with director Lee Il-hyung again for 'Remember' after 'The Prosecutor's Gaiden', expressed his affection as "delicate and very detailed. A director who calculates and prepares everything."

Director Guk Ran of Wolgwang, the producer, said, "'Remember' is a work that Lee Seong-min and Nam Joo-hyuk worked hard together, and the hard work of director and staff Lee Il-hyung was especially appreciated. I hope that the second work 'Remember', which the director made by adding the sincerity of the characters, will happily meet the audience."

Meanwhile, 'Remember' will be released on October 26th.