Seo In-guk and Jang Dong-yoon\

The movie 'Project Wolf Hunting' (Director Kim Hong-sun) topped the box office on the first day of its release.

According to the distribution company TCO, The Contents On on the 22nd, 'Project Wolf Hunting', which was released on the 21st, recorded 78,996 people on the first day of its release based on the integrated computer network of the Film Promotion Committee, taking the top spot at the overall box office.

In addition, it is the only movie currently showing a 10% sales rate, attracting audiences to the theater in the fall.

The hot box office ranking of #1 in the overall box office on the first day of 'Project Wolf Hunting' touches the box office baton with 'Cooperation 2: International', which showed an explosive box office trend in Chuseok theaters, and expects a steady relay of Korean movies in the theaters in the fall.

Meanwhile, 'Project Wolf Hunting' is a hard-boiled survival action in which a brutal rebellion begins in a huge moving prison on the sea that transports heinous criminals from the Pacific to Korea, and an extreme survival game never seen before. It is currently being screened with rave reviews.