'Little Women' opens the second act and the fight between the sisters begins in earnest.

The tvN Saturday drama 'Little Women' will begin its second act starting with episode 7, which will be aired on the 24th.

Three sisters who started from different places and gathered at one point called 'Wonryeongga'. The mystery about the blue orchid and fertilized egg that was waiting there is getting more and more suspicious. Won Sang-ah (Um Ji-won) and Park Jae-sang (Um Ki-joon) are ready to ascend to a higher place, and Oh Hye-seok (Kim Mi-sook) is in a situation of heightened sense of crisis due to a mysterious death. With a new page foreshadowed in the fight between the three sisters, there is a lot of anticipation for the second half of the game, which will take place in a turbulent game.

"Shining like a jewel"... \

Along with the unpredictable development, the upward trend is also hot. The last 6 episodes recorded the highest rating of 10.5% for households in the metropolitan area, breaking their own highs, and in the Non-English TV category ranking provided by Netflix's official site 'Netflix Top 10', the name was ranked in the TOP 10 for two weeks in a row. raised

Ahead of the second act of 'Little Women', which has entered a new phase, writer Jeong Jeong-gyeong told a sincere story about the drama.

In writing 'Little Women', writer Jeong Seo-kyung, who paid attention to 'the harmony of the smallest story and the biggest story', said, "The greatest story that flows at the bottom of our society and the smallest and most specific story floating around in our daily life are at the same time. I wanted to make it exist," he said.

"Shining like a jewel"... \

What about the three sisters, Oh In-ju (Kim Go-eun), Oh In-kyung (Nam Ji-hyun), and Oh In-hye (Park Ji-hoo), as viewed by Jeong Seo-kyung? Writer Jeong Seo-kyung, who said, seeing Oh In-ju played by Go-eun Kim, felt, 'This is the real Oh In-ju'. And he acts boldly, and sometimes accurately and meticulously like a jeweler. So Oh In-joo has become a character that shines richly like a jewel with many facets."

Then, about Oh In-kyung, played by Nam Ji-hyun, "I thought that I drew Oh In-kyung as a cold and rational character, but actress Nam Ji-hyun added a face of intense passion and deep love to this. With acting muscles built up over a long career, he created an incredibly hard and solid face." He showed affection. Also, he emphasized, "Oh In-kyung moves forward slowly and steadily. So we only know very later that it was Oh In-kyung who pushed this story," and raised expectations for the character's future performance.

Regarding Oh In-hye, the youngest who makes her two sisters helpless, writer Jeong Jeong-gyeong said, "Actress Park Ji-hoo has the power to express the mystical soul of growing up in a fierce and quiet manner. I can understand why they risk everything to protect the child.”

Oh In-ju, who is in charge of emotions, In-kyung Oh, who symbolizes reason, and In-hye Oh, who is in charge of the soul. The three sisters, each with a different appearance, drew viewers to various interpretations and 'over-immersion'. Such support and empathy are considered another way to enjoy 'Little Women'.

Writer Jeong Seo-kyung said, "In the first half, the sisters each opened the door in front of them and entered a new world. 'Will each of them get what they really want?' 'How the scattered sisters rediscover each other and reconnect with each other. Will you be able to find it?” will be the point to watch in the second half.”

Writer Jung continued, "I would like to thank the viewers for being with me on the journey of the three sisters. The more I empathize with them, the more difficult it is to know, and it is even more so because I know that it must have been difficult at times to endure." In the end, all the sisters reach the place they wanted to go in their own way. I think you will never regret it if you watch until the end to see where it will be and what kind of battle it will have to fight to get there." requested