Netflix announced on the 24th that it has confirmed the production of season 2 of 'Hellbound'.

At the Netflix global fan event TUDUM, the production of season 2 of 'Hellbound' was officially announced.

"Hellbound begins again"... Netflix confirms production of \

'Hellbound' is a Netflix series depicting the story of a supernatural phenomenon in which people are sentenced to hell by the messengers of hell who appeared without notice, and the religious organization Saejinrihoe, which was revived in this chaos, and those trying to uncover the truth of the incident. All.

'Hellbound' is a Netflix series based on the original webtoon 'Hellbound', written by Choi Gyu-seok of 'The Hellbound' and directed by Yeon Sang-ho of 'Train to Busan(2016)' and 'Peninsula(2020)'. Following the original work, writer Choi Kyu-seok and director Yeon Sang-ho wrote the script, and director Yeon Sang-ho directed the film.

"Hellbound begins again"... Netflix confirms production of \

TUDUM announced the production of Season 2 by sending out subtitles "Hellbound Begins Again" over the ending of Season 1, which shocked viewers by reviving Jeong-ja Park, who became a corpse after the demonstration to Hellbound.

'Hellbound' was first screened at world-renowned film festivals such as the Toronto International Film Festival, the BFI London Film Festival, and the Busan International Film Festival before Netflix's release, and then aroused a great response and foretold the syndrome early. In the 2021 Golden Tomato Best Horror Series category, it took first place.

In Season 2, director Yeon Sang-ho and writer Choi Kyu-seok will write the screenplay, and director Yeon Sang-ho will direct the drama, which is expected to continue the expanded and deepened worldview.