Ryu Seung-ryong  Ong Seong-wu \

While the movie 'Life is Beautiful' (directed by Choi Gook-hee) is running backwards, it topped the weekend box office.

According to the distribution company Lotte Entertainment on the 17th, 'Life is Beautiful' topped the box office on the weekend of the third week of its release.

According to the integrated computer network for movie theater tickets, 'Life is Beautiful' topped the weekend box office from October 14 to October 16. On October 12, the 14th day of its release, 'Life is Beautiful', which started a reverse run at the box office by ranking first at the box office, is 'Orphan: First Kill', 'DAEMUGA', 'Everything Everywhere All at Once', and ‘Ticket to Paradise’ and other new works have been shown to be behind the box office in the third week of its release.

Meanwhile, 'Life is Beautiful' tells the story of his wife Se-yeon (Yeom Jeong-ah), who makes an absurd request to find her first love as a birthday present, and her husband Jin-bong (Ryu Seung-ryong), who reluctantly travels across the country with her on a trip to the past. It is the first jukebox musical film in Korea that sings our lives with an upbeat rhythm and melody.