MBC drama 'May I Help You' and the entertainment program 'Radio Star' are participating in the mourning of the absence and the Itaewon disaster.

According to MBC on the 2nd, the Wednesday-Thursday dramas 'May I Help You' and 'Radio Star' were canceled and 'Docuplex-Musicmentary Mother' was reorganized instead.

MBC, today (2nd) \

According to the MBC schedule, 'Docuplex - Music Mentary Mother' has been replaced. 'May I Help You' will be canceled on the 3rd following the 2nd, and will be aired normally next week.

The new entertainment program 'Instructor for Work', which was originally scheduled to air on the same day, will meet viewers on November 9, which has been postponed for a week.

'Instructor in One Tale' is a new concept lecture program taught by the best instructors in sports, culture, and entertainment.

The government designated the 5th as a national mourning period due to the massacre in Itaewon on the 29th of last month.