"Emergency Declaration" On the ground and in the sky, the current location of the virus panic that attracts the competition of famous actors

"Emergency Declaration" © 2022 showbox and MAGNUM9 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.Song Kang-ho and Lee Byung-hun , both of Korea's most famous Japanese actors, have teamed up for the fourth time to create the movie "Emergency Declaration," which is so realistic that it is hard to believe that it was invented before the pandemic. ’.This work is a powerful aviation panic movie that you want to witness on the screen, but it is also exceptionally interesting as an ensemble drama surrounding these two people. And just as we ourselves were forced to make choices against an unknown virus in various aspects, the characters in this movie are also faced with the ultimate choice.To save his wife, Song Kang-ho's blood, sweat, and tears pour out!Gu In-ho, played by Song Kang-ho, is a middle-aged detective who is not informed by his wife, Hae-yoon (“SKY Castle: Wives of the Upper Class,” Woo Mi-hwa) that he is going on a trip abroad, and his daughter does not want to smoke. In order to confirm the credibility of a video that has been posted on a video site that foretells an airplane terrorism, he tries to talk to an elementary school student at a luxury apartment where a person who seems to be the foreteller lives, but is told that he cannot speak English. . Such a slightly miserable small-town figure is Song Kang-ho itself as we have seen so far. At that time, his colleague detective Yoon-chul (“Three Sisters” Hyun Bong-sik) suddenly complained, “It’s a rich city, so the education level is high.” Little by little, Jinseok's character will have an outline. The opening scene where Im Si-wan, who has challenged the villain like never before, ridicules, is also convincing. Furthermore, the facts that are revealed one after another in Ryu Jin Suk's room heighten the tension just like "Outbreak".When he learns that Ryu Jin-seok intends to cause an unprecedented aviation bioterrorism, and that his wife is on board the aircraft while traveling to Hawaii, Detective Ku's eyes light up. The investigation is forward-looking and full-powered, sometimes reckless. Detective Ku is covered in blood, sweat, and tears, with intense car chases like those shown in "The Elegant World" (2007), which he worked with for the first time with director Han Jae-rim.On the ground, he is involved with Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kim Sook-hee, played by Jeon Do-yeon, who co-starred with Song Kang-ho in "Secret Sunshine." As the commander of the air terrorism countermeasures headquarter
December 29,2022

‘Avatar 2’ captivates global audiences’ five senses with Korean technology

'Avatar: Road to Water' to be released on the 14thCJ CGV-KAIST developed the world's first multi-screening systemApplication of domestic technology '4DX' and 'Screen X'Maximizing immersion experience to the front, left and right, and ceiling of the screenThe vast tropical rainforest and blue sea of the planet Pandora, the background of the movie 'Avatar 2', fills the theater screen. When the main character, 'Jake Sully', rides the flying creature Ikran into the sky, the audience can feel the feeling of flying along with the wind. It is also expected to give the audience the impression of swimming underwater with sea creatures.CJ 4D Flex, a subsidiary of CJ CGV, operates a special theater that uses 4DX and ScreenX technology for 'Avatar: Road of Water', which is scheduled to be released on the 14th.'ScreenX' is the world's first multi-screen system developed purely with domestic technology. It was jointly developed by CJ CGV and KAIST for the first time in the world. If existing movie theaters screened with only one screen facing the front, ScreenX is characterized by using three sides as screens (270 degrees) by expanding the front and left and right walls. You can even extend the screen up to the ceiling.In particular, ScreenX is well-received as a new technology that has changed the paradigm of the global film industry. The government selected ScreenX developed with Korean technology as the '2016 Flagship Project' to preoccupy it as a global movie platform, and supported the technology development, content production, and overseas expansion by investing KRW 12 billion jointly between the public and private sectors for two years.As a result, 4DX and ScreenX are currently operating in 783 theaters in 69 countries and 350 theaters in 38 countries, respectively, as of the end of November. Taking Hollywood as a stepping stone, it has leaped into a global platform. It has already captured the attention of fans around the world through blockbuster films such as ▲King Arthur ▲Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ▲Top Gun: Maverick.By experiencing Hollywood-level CG work by purely domestic production crews, ScreenX's expressive power is also being raised to the next level. In fact, the ScreenX production team and cooperative CG companies splendidly implement various CG elements in the movie on the wall screen, stimulating the five senses of the audience. In addition to the economic effects resulting from this, it is contributing to the creation of a vi
December 10,2022

Wal-Made's critically acclaimed "Owl" surpassed 1 million sales on the 8th day of release... box office success

 The movie 'The Owl' surpassed 1 million viewers on the 8th day of release.On the 30th, according to the tally of the movie theater ticket integrated computer network of the Korea Film Promotion Commission, 'The Owl' recorded a cumulative audience of 1,036,808 as of 7 am on the same day. With this, 'Owl' surpassed 1 million viewers on the 8th day after its release on the 23rd.'Owl', starring Yoo Hae-jin and Ryu Jun-yeol, is a historical thriller historical drama about a blind acupuncturist who can only see at night witnessing the death of a crown prince and then fighting to uncover the truth. did. 'Owl' mobilized 96,690 people that day, showing a cumulative audience of 989,709. After that, on the morning of the 8th, it exceeded 1 million viewers and continued to be a box office hit.  'Owl' is a new work that adds imagination to historical mystery, and it is said that it not only stimulates the interest of the audience, but also captures the hearts of the audience by providing a cinematic experience with colorful sights and rich music that catches the eyes and ears. As it is receiving favorable reviews as a well-made movie, attention is being paid to the box office trend in the second week of release.Meanwhile, on the 29th, the second place at the box office was 'Decibel', which met 19,257 viewers on 813 screens and showed a cumulative audience of 815,756. Third place was 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever', which attracted 15,534 people to the theater that day, recording a cumulative audience of 2,018,532.
November 30,2022

'Summer Strike', Kim Seol-hyun and Im Si-wan log out

'Summer Strike' Im Si-wan and Kim Seol-hyun set out to heal Monday sickness.Genie TV's original drama 'Summer Strike' (directed by Lee Yoon-jeong, Hong Moon-pyo/played by Hong Moon-pyo, Lee Yoon-jeong) will be broadcast for the first time on the ENA channel at 9:20 pm on the 21st.'Summer Strike', which is expected to create synergy between the chemistry of two young actors Seolhyun Kim and Im Siwan and director Yoonjung Lee of 'The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince' and 'Cheese in the Trap', predicted a 'finding a comma' drama for people who are tired of everyday life. .'Summer Strike', which aroused strong sympathy from prospective viewers from the title, depicts the story of leaving a complicated city and finding myself in an unfamiliar place to do nothing. The drama begins with Yeoreum (played by Kim Seol-hyun), who has lived a fierce life in order not to be left behind, looking for Angok, a seaside village, and talks about things that can only be seen when stopped. Yeoreum's decision to declare "I will not do anything from today. It's a strike for life" will evoke empathy, and the story of finding the answer to life will leave a deep resonance with many people.# Kim Seol-hyun, who met a life character X Im Si-wan maximizing innocenceKim Seol-hyeon plays Lee Summer, who resigned from the company and became an unemployed voluntarily, and Im Si-wan plays Ahn Dae-beom, a librarian whose life is a question mark. In particular, the actors raise expectations by foreshadowing the perfect 'Kaaiche' performance. Kim Seol-hyun, who went to the director in sympathy with the feelings of summer in the script, expressed a natural summer look with only BB cream applied. Im Si-wan charmingly portrays Dae-beom, who has few words but has innocence and warmth inside, and drew favorable reviews from director Lee Yoon-jung, saying that he "maximized Dae-beom's innocence." In fact, since both actors met while running non-stop, attention is focused on the acting that will lead to empathy and immersion.# Healing location and visual beautyDirector Lee Yun-jeong conducted location shooting for six months, including Gurye, Namhae, and Gokseong, to realize Angok Village. Rumor has it that the production team traveled all over the country to select a location. The village scenery with mountains and seas that can be glimpsed through trailers and highlight videos made me expect beautiful visual beauty. In addition to this, Kim Seol-hyun and Im Si-wan's refreshing visual chemistry will make vi
November 21,2022

Mei Nagano, Kei Tanaka, Satomi Ishihara co-starring movie "And the baton was passed" will be broadcast for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting on Kinro

The movie "And then the baton was passed" will be broadcast today on November 11th on NTV's "Friday Road Show"."And then the baton was passed"? Based on Seo Maiko's bestseller"And the Baton Was Passed" is a work based on Maiko Seo's novel published in 2018. The original novel is a bestseller that won the 2019 Bookstore Award. The live-action movie version was released in October last year, and this time will be the first terrestrial broadcast. Broadcast from 21:00 to 23:34.At the center of the work is Yuko Morimiya, who has changed her last name four times after being relayed between her parents who are not related by blood, and Rika, her mother-in-law who has changed her husband many times and lives a freewheeling life. The two stories are connected and Yuko's growth is depicted.Mei Nagano will play the main character Yuko Morimiya, Kei Tanaka will play the role of Mr. Morimiya, the unrelated father who lives with Yuko, and Satomi Ishihara will play the role of Rika, a single mother who lives with her daughter but suddenly disappears. Kenji Okada plays Kento Hayase, a genius pianist who has a faint love for Yuko, Raizumi Inagaki plays Miitan, Rika's daughter, and Nao Omori and Masachika Ichimura play the men who are tossed by Rika. In addition, Aya Asahina will play the role of the beautiful teacher, Yuko Ando will play the role of Kaori Mito, Naho Toda will play the role of Hayase's mother, and Hana Kino will play the role of the housekeeper Yoshimi. Directed by Tetsu Maeda of "Konna Yooake ni Banana Kayo: My Lovely True Story" and written by Yuji Hashimoto.Mei Nagano, Kei Tanaka, and Satomi Ishihara cast comments at the time of the movie release. Director & authorWhen my mother read the original novel, she said, "If it's made into a live action, I'd like Mei to play it." It was a role I had never tried before, but I thought it was a work that I definitely wanted to do for my mother and myself. It made me realize that even parents and children who are not blood-related can have a deep love, and knowing the kind and warmth of love that I have never felt, I realized that the bond between people becomes stronger.Mr. Tanaka, who I met at the shooting site, was Mr. Morimiya just like the image of the original, so much that I couldn't help but say, "Mr. Morimiya is here!" Even during filming, he was a very kind person and I always relied on him, so I hope you will look forward to the parent-child relationship between Mr. Morimiya and Yuko.Mei Nagano as Yuko Mor
November 12,2022

Namkoong Min, was it a pity that 'Cheonbyeon' ended early... "Working like growing pains, I felt a lot of things"

While the SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'One Dollar Lawyer' ended early today (11th), Namkoong Min left a thank-you note with his thoughts on the ending.'One Dollar Lawyer' ends on the 11th with episode 12. In the midst of this, a delightful script authentication shot of Namkoong Min (Chun Ji-hoon), Kim Ji-Eun (Baek-ma-ri), Choi Dae-hoon (Seo Min-hyeok), Park Jin-woo (the general manager), and Gong Min-jung (Na Ye-jin), the main actors who made the drama 'One Dollar Lawyer' shine. Along with it, he shared his thoughts on the ending.First of all, Namkoong Min, who took on the role of the main character Cheon Ji-hoon and reaffirmed the modifier of 'reliable Namgung,' said, "'A Thousand Won Lawyer' was like a growing pain for me. I felt a lot while filming, I felt a sense of responsibility in the work, and it was made by relying on director Kim Jae-hyun until the end.Then, "I will always quietly in my seat, 'How can I show you a better performance?' and 'How can I show you a better work?' It made me look forward to the next step of '.Kim Ji-Eun, who drew favorable reviews for 'Kim Ji-Eun's rediscovery', said, "It was a happy time to participate in a work that I sincerely wanted to be with from the moment I read the script, and because actress Kim Ji-Eun was able to express a hundred animals. It was a memorable filming location that made me want to work on it again if I had the chance. It was a really memorable work for me as a person apart from my job as an actor. Thanks to everyone who was with us on the scene,” he said, expressing his affection for the work.“It was once again a time to grow and learn as an actor. I will grow up so that I can share what I learned here through various works in the future, and I will come back even better.”'Won-won lawyer' / photo credit = SBSChoi Dae-hoon was once again recognized for his acting spectrum through 'Won-Won Lawyer'. Choi Dae-hoon, who was suspected of being a 'villain' by many viewers at the beginning of the play, turned out to be a 'love boy', and became the best anti-war character in 'Won Thousand Dollar Lawyer', said, "It was a long and short time. Thank you for being able to finish it safely without any accidents. It was a time of learning a lot and a lot of realization,” he said.He continued, “Thank you to the viewers who gave us a lot of love. I want to say 'you worked hard' and 'thank you' to the staff, seniors, colleagues, and juniors who worked hard."Park Jin-woo, who played the role of licorice in the play
November 11,2022