Shin Ha-kyun, Han Ji-min, reunited after 19 years... "I like it so much that I think I've been waiting to meet you now" ('Yonder')

Actors Shin Ha-kyun and Han Ji-min reunite in one work after 19 years since the 2003 MBC drama 'Good Person' and unfold a heartbreaking romance. Shin Ha-gyu said, "It was so good that I thought I was waiting to meet you now." Han Ji-min said, "20 years ago, neither of them spoke. It was difficult to take on the first lead role and everything was unfamiliar and burdensome. At that time, Shin Ha-kyun must have suffered a lot because I lacked so much. I'm glad I'm a little better now."On the 11th, Teabing's original 'Yonder' production presentation was broadcast live online. The event was attended by director Lee Jun-ik and actors Shin Ha-kyun, Han Ji-min, and Jeong Jin-young.'Yonder' is a work that tells the story of a man who receives a message from his deceased wife and is invited to an unknown space 'Yonder' where he can meet her. This is director Lee Jun-ik's first drama debut. It is based on the novel 'Goodbye, Yonder' by Kim Jang-wan.Director Lee Jun-ik said, "The original came out in 2011. I was surprised when I read the book. I fell in love with the leading world view and prepared a screenplay to make it into a movie, but it failed. A lot of years passed and a new platform called OTT came out, and here I am going to tell this story in more depth. "I didn't think it was a human melodrama, but after filming it, it was. I think it was because of the chemistry between the two actors."He continued, "Yonder is a named name for the virtual world. Explaining it makes it difficult. It is correct to say that it is a melodrama filled with the emotions of the two actors.Han Ji-min took on the role of Jae-hyun's dead wife, Hue. Han Ji-min said, "It was a work that made me think about the lines and constantly thought about life, death, and happiness. I was also curious about the world of 'Yonder' drawn by director Lee Jun-ik."When asked about what he was concerned about while acting, Han Ji-min said, "It's a work that has to be followed with Jae-hyun's emotions, so the acting that makes Jae-hyun react is a little different than the subsequent expression of his emotions."He continued, "Until death, I focused on the feelings of a divorced couple. It was a world I had never been to before, so it was the most difficult to decide what tone to play in the virtual world. did," he added.Shin Ha-kyun takes on the role of Jae-jae, a man who lives an empty life after his wife's death. Shin Ha-kyun said, "I liked the world view. A different interpretation of death was new, and
October 11,2022

'Stellar' Appearance Car & Character Scene Photos Released

Focused on cars and characters from the Korean movie "Stellar" directed by Kwon Soo-kyung and written by Bae Se-young  . Scene photos have been released.This work is titled "Stella", the car of Hyundai (former Hyundai name) that took the world by storm in Korea in the 1980s. The hero who is on the edge of life x the anger of a retro car that is about to be scrapped won the first place in Korean movies for two weeks. Young-bae (Son Ho-jun) is forced to drive Stella, a worn-out car that was once used as a taxi by his father, and is about to be scrapped. In the shooting, as a result of searching, only two Stellas made in 1987 were used. In the still picture, Youngbae is seen pushing Stella, who is not moving.  In addition, a large delivery truck is used by Dong-shik (Lee Kyu-hyun), a close friend who drives Youngbae into a corner, to escape. As soon as he sees the supercar (Lamborghini) that Youngbae asked to deliver, he takes desire from righteousness and runs around Korea in his own truck. Also, pay attention to President Seo (Heo Sung-tae), who is chasing Youngbae in a luxury car. In the play, the luxury car line-up of President Seo, who says, "The car changes every time it appears," is a must-see. A colleague Cheol-gu (Go Gyu-pyul) chats with Young-bae in front of Seo's Lamborghini. A nostalgic photo of Youngbae's father (Jung Nomin), who supported the family as a taxi driver with Stella, and Youngbae when they were little was also released."Stellar" will be released on Friday, November 11th at Cinemart Shinjuku and other locations nationwide.
October 10,2022

Fierce duel between former detective VS fraudster! "CALL" action movie starring Byun Yo-han

The ban on the main action scenes has been lifted from "CALL", which depicts the deadly struggle and revenge of a former detective who infiltrated a bank transfer fraud organization.This work is a real crime action starring Byun Yo-han, which depicts the bank transfer fraud that has become serious in recent years for the first time in Korea. The story that thoroughly researched the actual situation of bank transfer scams and the action that the actors pursued for realism attracted the audience, and in South Korea, it became a hot topic as "a movie like a vaccine against bank transfer scams". When it was released in Korea, it was a big hit, ranking first in the opening results.This time, the ban on the main video has been released, in which the director of this work, Kim Sung, looks back, saying, "It was a very important scene in the movie." Former detective Seojun, played by Byun Yohan, infiltrates the base of a wire fraud group. It is an action scene where he finally confronts Kwak (Kim Moo-yeol), the bank transfer fraudster who trapped his wife and friends in fraud, and becomes a fierce one-on-one battle. Seo-joon sneaks into the manager Kwak's room in order to somehow inform the outside of the location of the headquarters of the bank transfer fraud call center, which is completely isolated from the outside. Kwak sees Seo-joon checking his location on his smartphone and hits him with a golf club.Kwak yells, "What are you doing?!" In fact, Kwak was the one who made a fraudulent phone call to Seo-joon's wife pretending to be a lawyer and defrauded him of the money.On the other hand, Kyuho (Kim Hee-won), the head of the South Korean police intelligence crime investigation team who came to China following Seo-joon, desperately searched for his whereabouts. Myung-hoon) hastily instructed, "I'm moving the office!" He orders call center workers to destroy evidence and prepares to escape.Seo-joon and Kwak fight violently without knowing it. Finally, Seo-joon's anger explodes, and Kwak, who was kicked away, attacks him with a knife while saying, "Let's settle it through talks," and the two fight one-on-one.For this scene, Byun Yo-han and Kim Mu-yeol received guidance from the action director even before filming. According to director Kim Sung, "The two of them had excellent motor nerves, so they learned it very quickly." He recalled, "On the day of the shoot, the two of them acted out almost all the actions by themselves, which surprised the staff." Please look fo
October 10,2022

'EXchange 2' side "Stop accusing Hyeon-gyu Jeong's disseminator, speculation and accusation"

Teabing's original 'EXchange 2' side sued the spoiler and rumor spreader.On the 7th, 'EXchange 2' side posted on Teabing's official SNS, "Regardless of the authenticity, spreading false facts and defaming the performers creates unnecessary misunderstandings about the general public and creates a situation in which the program cannot be enjoyed alone. It is also causing serious harm to production.”The production team continued, "Before the main story was released, we have received complaints from the Mapo Police Station against those who spread various false facts, including the first person who uploaded information related to Jung Hyun-gyu to Daum Cafe."'Transfer Romance 2' side emphasized that it will continue to sue for false information and defamation of performers in the future.Below is the full text of the official position of the production team of 'EXchange 2'.hello. This is the production team of 'EXchange 2'.Recently, a lot of spoilers related to the program have been mentioned online. Regardless of the authenticity or not, spreading false information and defaming the performers creates unnecessary misunderstandings about the general public and creates a situation in which the program cannot be fully enjoyed. It is also causing serious harm to the production of programs.Before the main story was released, we have received complaints from the Mapo Police Station against those who spread false information, including the first person who uploaded information related to Jung Hyun-gyu to Daum Cafe, and we plan to take strong legal action according to the results of the investigation.In the future, we plan to proceed with additional accusations by collecting evidence for false facts and acts that defame the performers, so we ask you to stop and refrain from speculation and accusations against public performers.The production team will do their best to produce <EXchange 2> so that we can repay the love and interest you have given us.
October 08,2022

'Woo Young-woo' director "Spring sunshine for all horned whales and young-woo" Impressive impression

October 08,2022

'Curtain Call' Kang Ha-neul x Ha Ji-won, picturesque two-shot... Affectionate eyes, sweet smile

KBS 2TV's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Curtain Call' (directed by Sang-ho Yoon, written by Jo Seong-geol), which will be broadcast for the first time on the 31st, is the story of the people involved in the greatest fraud on earth of a man who has received an unprecedented special to grant the wish of Geum-soon (Go Doo-shim), an elderly grandmother. A work that tells a story.In the published couple poster, Kang Ha-neul and Ha Ji-won are disassembled into cheerful theater actor Yoo Jae-heon and hotel general manager Park Se-yeon, expressing moist and tender eyes.Kang Ha-neul and Ha Ji-won stand side by side against the blue sky with the brilliant sunlight in the background, and are completely immersed in the characters of Yoo Jae-heon and Park Se-yeon, respectively, and are smiling brightly. Kang Ha-neul showed off the neat charm of a dandy man in a blue shirt, and Ha Ji-won showed off her innocent and bright beauty in a white blouse, completing a picturesque two-shot. In particular, although they do not look at each other, the poster is full of tender eyes and a pure white smile, making the hearts of prospective viewers flutter with a mysterious and warm atmosphere.Like the phrase 'on a big and beautiful stage that will change your life', the chemistry between the two will not be limited to romance, but will be expressed through various themes and charms. The affectionate yet subtle atmosphere captures attention by implying the future of the characters who will draw up a life of upheaval. From the 1950s to the 2020s, interest is being drawn on how Jae-heon Yoo and Se-yeon Park, who are deeply involved in the life of Geum-soon Geum-soon, an indomitable woman who has pioneered her own life, will show their affectionate chemistry towards each other through storytelling.The production company Victory Contents said, "The two met because of their grandmother's finances, and although they both have feelings for each other, they feel the emotional gap greatly depending on the situation and situation." I put a poster of a situation where there is no way to stop a smile. Watching how the emotions of the two will be resolved, you will be able to feel the inspiration of the work in a variety of ways."
October 07,2022

Miike Takashi “Korea-Japan joint venture that has been completed through the corona barrier is like a miracle”

Takashi Miike visited BIFF with Disney Plus OTT <Connect>Jung Hae-in, Go Kyung-pyo, and Kim Hye-jun at a press conference on the 7thWith unique imagination such as body connection and wriggling blood“The encouragement of Jung Hae-in is a great help when you are anxious because you do not have confidence in the completion”Director Miike Takashi and actors Jung Hae-in, Go Kyung-pyo, and Kim Hye-jun (from left) are talking at a press conference for <Connect> held at the Grand Chosun Hotel in Haeundae-gu, Busan on the 7th.“Are you entrusting <Crash Landing on You 2> to me? I was looking forward to it, and they told me that another director would do it, and that I was commissioned for another project.”Japan's Miike Takashi (60), who was cult-loved by movie buffs in the 90s due to her wild imagination such as <Audition> and <Visitor Q> (1999), visited the Busan International Film Festival with her OTT drama series. It is a live-action adaptation of the original Naver webtoon with the original drama <Connect>, which is scheduled to be aired on Disney Plus in December.Director Miike had a conversation with actors Jung Hae-in, Go Kyung-pyo, and Kim Hye-jun at a press conference held at the Grand Chosun Hotel in Haeundae-gu on the morning of the 7th. Director Miike, who jokingly greeted <Crash Landing on You>, which was a sensational hit in Japan, said that it felt like a miracle that the work was completed through a Korea-Japan joint venture in the difficult Corona situation. Director Miike said, “It’s my first time working on an OTT drama, and it’s my first time working with Korean staff and actors. As if strangling here, the Corona Pandemic was standing right in front of us. At that time, due to visa problems, I did not have time to prepare after coming to Korea, so I had a video conference to prepare almost everything in advance. Even when casting a location, a Korean assistant director would go to the scene, show it with Zoom, and talk with them. It is truly a miracle that the completed work was aired through the US channel called Disney Plus and that it was also invited to the Busan Film Festival.”He expressed his special gratitude to actor Jung Hae-in, who played the main character, Dong-su. “I was worried about whether the work (completed) would be possible while we were still having video conferencing, but it was very helpful for Jung Hae-in to say, ‘No matter what happens, I’m on the director’s side, do whatever you want to do comfortably’.”Writer Shin Dae-
October 07,2022

'Welcome to Human-dong Bookstore' Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Soo-hyuk, healing + comfort + empathy with voice

'Welcome to Human-dong Bookstore' Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Soo-hyuk look for listeners with their voices.On the 6th, the production presentation of the co-production audio drama 'Welcome to Human-dong Bookstore' was held at the Genie Music office building in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Director Yoo Jin-young, actor Oh Yeon-seo, Lee Soo-hyuk, and singer Lee So-jeong attended the production presentation on this day.Genie Music and Milly's library's first audio drama 'Welcome, this is Hunam-dong Bookstore' is an audio drama based on the bestseller of the same name. It contains a story of warm sympathy, sharing concerns and comforting each other.Director Yoo Jin-young said, "Audio drama is a genre that relies on hearing. From the time of recording, BGM, sound effects, pronunciation, and the duration of dialogue have been worked in detail and in detail. The atmosphere may change depending on the timing, which stimulates the imagination. And I worked so that I could be immersed in it,” he said.Oh Yeon-seo takes on the role of Yeong-ju, who finds true happiness after quitting her job due to burnout and fulfills her dream of becoming a bookstore owner. Oh Yeon-seo said, "I was healed by doing this work. It is a story that is warm and well-integrates the story of people's lives." Lee Soo-hyuk takes on the role of Seung-woo, a star writer who does not reveal his face. Lee Soo-hyuk recalled, "It was exciting and pleasant to work."As the e-book discovered by Milly's library was made into an audio drama, Genie Music produced an OST. 'Singer Gain' TOP4 So-jeong Lee remade and sang Tei's 'Same Pillow' in 2007. Lee So-jeong said, "It's my first time doing an OST for an audio drama, so I'm looking forward to it. We ask for your warm interest and love."Why did Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Soo-hyuk choose an audio drama? Oh Yeon-seo said, "I was very curious about doing audio dramas. I like voice actors and animations. I knew that many actors were making content like this, so I wanted to participate. It was a genre I wanted to do. I would have wanted to do it even if it was a drama. After hearing the story, I made a very quick decision. Lee Soo-hyuk also has a very good voice, so I thought I could record comfortably.Next, Lee Soo-hyuk said, "I tend to refer to the opinions of the fans, but the fans have been looking forward to my voice-related works. Thankfully, I said that I wanted to do it with a happy heart. They mainly shoot videos, so it is important to express our emotions. So, I tried my bes
October 06,2022