Song Ha-yoon confirmed to appear in 'Young-shim(영심이)', a character of memories... Tiki-taka romance with Wang Kyung-tae

 Actor Song Ha-yoon said, 'Song Ha-yoon After confirming her appearance in 'Young-shim(영심이)', expectations for the show were raised.On the 5th, the management company King Kong by Starship said, "Song Ha-yoon is in the newtro drama 'Oh! In 'Young-shim', she plays the role of 'Oh Young-shim'. We ask for your interest and support for Song Ha-yoon, who will portray Young-shim who has been loved for a long time.”'Five! 'Young-shim' is a live-action version of the characters from the memorable cartoon movie 'Young-shim', depicting a quarrelsome romance that unfolds when Young-shim, who is going through life's joys and sorrows in her 30s, accidentally reunites with Wang Gyeong-tae (Lee Dong-Hae). work made byAmong them, Song Ha-yoon takes on the role of 'Oh Young-shim', a 30-year-old who has grown into a PD in the 8th year of the entertainment industry after passing through turbulent puberty. Young-shim is called the 'icon of an early ending' in the entertainment industry, but she has a strong sense of affection and responsibility for the program she's in charge of. Song Ha-yoon is expected to reproduce Young-shim as if it came out of the original, and at the same time add her own acting color to express her character in a more attractive way.Song Ha-yoon has shown colorful performances across the CRT and screen. He was well-received by many people for his lovely charm and rich emotional lines in MBC's 'My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol', KBS 2TV's 'Fight for My Way', and MBC Every1's 'Please Don't Meet That Man'. In addition, he appeared in the movies 'Release Info' and 'Intimate Strangers' to shine a big presence. Song Ha-yoon said, 'Oh! Attention is focused on the new aspect to be unfolded through 'Young-shim'.On the other hand, the newtro drama ‘Youngshim’ is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2023.
October 05,2022

'Work Later, Drink Now' returns with season 2... Confirmed to be released in the second half of the year

Tving's original 'Work Later, Drink Now' season 2 will be released in the second half of this year.Actors Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun-hwa, and Jung Eun-ji, who caused the 'drunk girl' syndrome with the all-time hot topic 'Work Later, Drink Now' in 2021, will return with a deeper friendship.The three friends who returned to a stronger chemistry in the teabing original 'Work Later, Drink Now 2', which previously announced the welcome reunion of actors Lee Sun Bin (Ahn So-hee), Han Sun-hwa (Han Ji-yeon), Jung Eun-ji (Kang-ji-gu), and Choi Si-won (Kangbuk-gu), The comeback poster, which opens the door to the comeback, is attracting attention.In the released poster, Ahn So-hee (Lee Sun Bin), Han Ji-yeon (Han Seon-hwa), and Kang Ji-gu (Jung Eun-ji), three friends who are vigorously crossing the middle of the city center, are intriguing. Ahn So-hee, Han Ji-yeon, and Kang Ji-ji, who stood in the front, all gave points with black outfits and sunglasses, but the individuality of the three friends, which cannot be covered even with the same color, is felt.In addition, the phrase 'Thank you for waiting, let's go to the second round in 22 years!', located above the heads of the three friends who walk in with their straight hair blown out, makes people laugh. So-hee Ahn, Ji-yeon Han, and Ji-ji Kang show the sincerity of So-hee Ahn, Ji-yeon Han, and Ji-gu Kang, who have been looking forward to the reunion with the three drinkers.In the horizontal poster released along with this, you can see the witty expressions of three friends, from So-hee Ahn, who shows off the joy of an entertainment writer, to Ji-yeon Han with a beautiful smile, and Ji-gu Kang, who shows off a chic charm with a subtle smile. As such, the three drinkers are attracting attention by announcing the news of their comeback with a low-world tension that does not go away even after time passes.I wonder what kind of story the three friends who entered the city with courageous steps will give sympathy and laughter to the friends who drink on the LAN. In particular, we are looking forward to the first public release of what kind of changes the three friends who have grown up with from their fresh first love, job loss, job change, and bereavement to their parents will show in this 'Work Later, Drink Now 2'.You can enjoy the second tea with Lee Sun Bin, Han Seon-hwa, and Jung Eun-ji, who returned with a stronger friendship and a more cheerful chemistry, in Teabing's original 'Work Later, Drink Now 2', which is scheduled
September 30,2022

Park Soo-young of 'Once Upon a Small Town' "All of the 27-year-old summer, unforgettable memories"

Park Soo-young (Red Velvet Joy) shared her thoughts on the ending of 'Once Upon a Small Town'.The last episode of Kakao TV's original 'Once Upon a Small Town' (directed by Kwon Seok-jang, written by Baek Eun-kyung), starring Park Soo-young, is about to be released on the 28th.In this work, Park Soo-young takes on the role of Ahn Ja-young, a lovely rural policeman, and brightens the play by digesting the characters with a high synchronization rate, from the healing energy of positive energy to a clean smile that makes you feel good just by looking at it.Stills of Park Soo-young from ‘Once Upon a Small Town’In the 11th episode, Ahn Ja-young finally entered a full-fledged love affair with Han Ji-yul (Chu Young-woo), and after exhilarating excitement with her sweet and youthful appearance, it is to those who watch the thrilling secret romance that the residents of Heedong-ri might find out. brought laughter.Park Soo-young, who digested the character with various charms, said, "'Somehow, a Country Diary' was a great gift and a challenge. I had a lot of worries, but as I trusted and followed Director Kwon Seok-jang of 'Believe and See' There were a lot of times. Above all, I am very sad to have to let the bright and lovely Ja-young, who was my whole 27-year-old summer, go away."He continued, "As much as the green and fresh background, thanks to the director, writer, staff, and actors, it was a really warm, exciting and fun scene.Finally, he said, "I sincerely thank everyone who loved 'The Diary of a Pastor', and when I am often tired, I hope that you will take it out once in a while and laugh at it like a shower book that young Ji-yul gave to Ja-young."The last episode of 'Once Upon a Small Town' will be pre-released on Kakao TV at 7 pm on the 28th.
September 28,2022