Actress Go Won-hee was cast in 'King the Land' ahead of her wedding in October.

As a result of the coverage of Joy News 24 on the 22nd, Go Won-hee recently confirmed her appearance in the JTBC drama 'King the Land' (directed by Im Hyun-wook, written by Choi Rom) and is preparing for filming.


'King the Land' is a story about a chaebol successor, Gu Gu-ho (Lee Jun-ho), who can't stand a fake smile, meets Cheol-rang (Lim Yoon-ah), who has to smile brightly because of his job, even when he doesn't want it. contain Kingland means the VVIP business lounge, the dream of hoteliers in the play.

Go Won-hee takes on the role of Na Pyeong-hwa, a friend of Angelang and a flight attendant who has everything except tricks. Go Won-hee, who has been showing off her stable acting skills in dramas and movies, is expected to show empathy for reality in front of work and love, as well as perfect chemistry with Lim Yoon-ah.

In particular, Go Won-hee is getting married in October. Therefore, Go Won-hee is expected to work hard even after marriage and to show a unique presence as an actress.

'King the Land' is a character with a bright brain, natural elegance, and chic, but lacks one sense of love. The highly anticipated work of Im Yoon-ah, who plays the role of Cheol-rang, who works and grows at the ‘King Hotel’, confirmed her appearance early.

Writer Cheon Seong-il of Netflix's 'Now at Our School' took charge of the creator, Writer Choi Rom of the creative group 'Team Harimao' wrote the script, and director Lim Hyun-wook of JTBC's 'People Like You' took charge of the director.

After casting, the entire script was read, and filming will begin in earnest on the 26th. It is scheduled to air on JTBC in the first half of 2023.