Colorado's Star Player Sidelined After Rocky Mountain Showdown Clash

1 min read Sep 17

In a dramatic turn of events during Saturday's highly anticipated Rocky Mountain showdown against CSU, Colorado's star two-way player, whose heroic feats had been the talk of the town, found himself sidelined at halftime. The incident unfolded during the late stages of the first quarter when he absorbed a painful blow to the abdomen from CSU's defensive back, Henry Blackburn.

Although displaying immense grit and determination, the injured player, identified as Hunter, attempted to rejoin the game despite experiencing discomfort. However, the severity of his condition soon became apparent, leading to his prompt transfer to the hospital for further evaluation and care.

In a postgame press conference, the renowned Deion Sanders, the charismatic head coach of Colorado, confirmed the unfortunate news that Hunter would be absent from CU's lineup for an estimated couple of weeks. Sanders also conveyed that more information regarding Hunter's condition and recovery would be disclosed in the days ahead. The setback comes as a significant blow to the Buffaloes, especially as they prepare to face a grueling stretch of matches to kick off the competitive Pac-12 schedule.

Hunter had been a pivotal figure in CU's recent triumph over TCU, earning recognition as a game-changer on the field due to his multifaceted contributions. However, the Rocky Mountain Showdown yielded less favorable statistics for him, with only two receptions for a total of 21 yards before his untimely exit.

As the No. 18-ranked Colorado team embarks on their upcoming journey, they face a daunting challenge on the road against the Oregon Ducks. This pivotal matchup promises to be yet another nationally-featured spectacle for Sanders and his Buffaloes. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time and will be televised on ABC, capturing the attention of football enthusiasts far and wide.